moving outside the box.

July 26, 2006

July 25, 2006

morning I woke up and laid in bed pondering if I should take a spinning
or kickboxing class for my workout – after being bored and
un-enthusiastic by both options, I said to myself: “I’d rather climb a mountain than go the gym.” And so.I did.

printing out the map of Muir Woods, I packed my back pack with my
journal, my ‘book of the moment’, sunscreen, water and trail mix. I
drove to Marin County and soon after parking my car, I started hiking
uphill for 5 hours! After 2 hours of climbing, I started wishing I had
bought the trail mix with raisins and chocolate! (mine just had nuts)
It was tiring, it was challenging and it was hot!

I hiked up alone on a dirt trail, to no planned destination, I began
recognizing how important it was to be there – by myself, trailing in
the woods.

Life are moments of self discovery.

that moment of awareness, I could feel my heart racing, transferring
blood to the cells of my body for fuel. I could hear my breath
challenged, transferring oxygen through my lungs for vitality. I could
envision my body at work, metabolizing the nuts I consumed into my
muscles for energy. In the silence of my own being – I ‘felt’ what it truly meant to be ‘alive.’

I live, walking surface is made out of cement, living space is
constantly air-conditioned, food comes in packages and conversations
are based around tv shows, movies, fashion or sports. A
majority of people dislike their jobs, their bodies, and their
relationships. Their discontent stems from’something’ externally
influencing them to believe they are never good enough, and ‘something’
internally urging them to seek their true potential.

is more than the routine dimensions you see on a daily basis – but in
order to truly see it, you’ve got to move outside the box. I realize
that I learned the most when I was challenged, scared, depressed, or
angry.somehow, my fervent spirit not only allowed me to absorb the
pain of the experience, but also allow me to gain life wisdom for each

Whoever you think you are, you’re not. And whoever you think you’re not, you are. You are everything.
And as I sat on top of the hill, feeling the coastal wind, seeing the
ocean, hearing the birds, smelling the trees and tasting the salt
against my lips.there I knew, there was more life dimensions than the
5 senses I was perceiving at that moment. I can’t feel it, see it,
taste it, hear it or smell it.but it exists. And like mine, its ‘being’ is eternal.