Love Grows.

March 3, 2010

March 2, 2010

It’s 1:47am in the morning.

After staring at the wall for half an hour, I decided to get up and start working on paperwork for the next day. This of course, happened after I finished cleaning the house, vacuuming the rug, mopping the
floors, scrubbing the stove, wiping the microwave and doing the laundry. I don’t consider this being part of my nesting’ mode (A period pregnant women go through to prepare for her baby’s arrival) I consider tonight more of I need to gain control of my space because I know these next few weeks will be a crazy ride.

This is my last month pregnant. WOW.

My belly has definitely dropped, my energy has really decreased and my head down countdown (meaning the baby’s head) calendar is chipping away.

Every day I play with Christian and enjoy the alone time I’m sharing with him right now. After all, this will be his last month as an only child. He loves to clap his hands, dance and play hide and go seek. He smiles, he laughs and he blabbers baby talk all day long. He is with me 80% of the time. The only time we are separated is when I’m at the gym or in a meeting. I love him so much. I’ve nicknamed him my sunshine man because he brings so much light into my life.

It’s amazing how life just passes, so quickly so incredibly fast. I remember being with David before Christian was born realizing that our lives as just Maria and David would never be the same. And
now we will be shortly reaching another milestone.

At my care home there is a 94-year old woman who was married for over fifty years to her husband who passed nine years ago.  I asked her if she knew he was the one’ when she met him and she looked at me with deep reflection and said Love Grows.

I’ve examined my past relationships why I’ve made certain choices and how people have entered (and exited) my life. I think we all seek passion in our romantic relationship that ultimate feeling of delirious
love but that passion’ a.k.a. infatuation and lust eventually fades.  And then the truth sets in.

The truth is that love requires sacrifice. It takes work.

Love grows.

Like a flower, growth requires a fertile foundation, plenty of water and an abundance of sun.

I see the values my parent’s instilled in me as my foundation.
I see the love and support David provides as my water.
And who can forget my sunshine man the light reflecting back to my soul keeps me going every day.

Spring is arriving soon and so will our new bundle of joy

My belly is growing.our family is growing…in this process, our love is also Growing.

God Bless.

Journal Pictures March 2, 2010

I just love this picture of him. My little man is growing up
and has so much personality! This is his last month as an only child!!!

Wathing the Chinese New Year Parade in San Francisco.
Baby is getting impatient! LOL

It was a great time – all my sisters and parents came for the weekend.
I was in this parade 7 years ago! WOW, how time passes.

At Ocean Beach the next day. (the baby went home with my parents)

David dared me so I did it! Flying high at 34 weeks preggers.

We visited the USS Hornet Ship Museum in Alameda.
David deployed on the current USS Iwo Jima years ago…this one is the original.

At my beautiful girlfriend’s, Minji’s 30th birthday dinner in Napa.

These weird statues actually stood behind our table in the restaurant, Ubuntu.