limit-less possibilities-

July 17, 2006

July 17, 2006

Tonight I went to an Int. Assoc. of Near Death Studies “IANDS” meeting – where I was fortunate to listen to a story of a woman, Ellie Shcamber, who had a Near Death Experience. She spoke about ‘achieving bliss’ – ‘becoming aware’ and most of all: she spoke of a life after this one. What inspired me most about her, was the fact that she was an Atheist and Liberal Professor before undergoing a deathly car accident and a brief but ‘blissful’ afterlife experience. She mentioned that for a moment, everything she ‘thought’ was real, really wasn’t – this mental inconsistency created a lot internal upswing and identity loss. Now that….I have experienced before.

In this past week, I also attended a lecture with “What the Bleep do we know?” movie director, Mark Vicente
. The movie focused on metaphysical sciences, subatomic matter and true consciousness. While I was already very mesmerized by the ideas expressed in this movie, Mark proved once again, that an inspirational and captivating film could only originate from the mind of a truly, innovative creator.

This past Sunday, we also participated in the SF Aids Walk where 25,000 people walked 6.2 miles all in support of those who died and suffer from AIDS. It was exhilirating to be surrounded by a large, collective group of people who were motivated to make a difference in this world.

Each day has also been spent preparing for a new club opening, physically training, and sharing time with friends I haven’t seen in a while – and in the midst of all this ‘time’I feel like more has passed than what is physically measured.

What inspired me most about Ellie and Mark’s lecture was the focus on ‘time’ and ‘space’. Each day I realize more fully that time is no measurement of maturityrather, maturity is measured by what you do with time. I have many friends who are ‘older’, more ‘experienced’ or very ‘smart’ and ‘successful’. But yet – when they talk of revenge, fear, anger or pride, they end up ‘really’ becoming 9, 12, or 24 year olds- wherever their ‘growth’ stunted due to some external pain.

I believe true maturity can be found within a new born baby. When I stare at my niece and nephew, I fervently question myself as to what perfect knowledge these small, un-tainted, children know about life, that I don’t know? I wish I could see the beauty and life in the eyes of child.that is my prayer each day when I awake.

Curiosity keeps you young. Believing in thoughts that seem unrealistic or un-achievable keeps you striving. Learning and loving keeps you alivewhen you live with an open heart and an open mind: you allow things to enter. When you allow life to penetrate you, you are really living in the space and time each moment presents.

Lately my brain has been absorbing so many lectures, movies, documentaries and literature – it’s actually interesting to be a fly on a wall during one of my days this past week. But what I learned most about what I’ve learned – is that I still, know nothing at all. There is so much opportunity in a world where the only thing that exists from each passing moment are possibilitiesa possibility to become conscious of the actions you have in hand to create a ripple effect of progressive greatness towards dreams, goals and destinations.

Possibilitynow that’s something not requiring measurement.
for possibilities are all limit-less.