…giving constant gratitude.

May 9, 2006

May 8, 2006


This past week I attended Aaron and Lorinda Dorman’s wedding in Missouri.  Not only was I able to meet Louis’ family and friends, but I was also able to see and experience what it meant to live and grow up in a ‘small town.’


One night while we were barbequing – Louis was playing catch with his brothers, I was at a corner playing horseshoe and a little dog caught my attention in the midst of all this activity


Aaron and Lorinda owned a dog named, “scardey cat”. Scardey Cat was symbolically given that name because he grew up in an angry environment in which his prior owners used to hit him. Due to his unhappy background, he now relishes in being touched, and loves to be around people. While he will lick you and smile with ease, he also gets frightened easily and will run when being chased.


I felt a sense of connection with that dog – and everyone else I have ever came in contact with, who has ever experienced fear, resentment, anger and frustration as a child or even as an adult. We all can resonate and understand where that dog has beenbecause we have all felt inadequate at some point in our lives. We all desire to be touched, be loved and be appreciated for ‘being’ and ‘existing’ just as we are.


While there, many people reminded me how ‘lucky’ I was to live in a city full of people, activities and events – how simple their lives were compared to the bustling atmosphere of a larger place. All I could think about was how beautiful and serene life would be, if I was in touch with nature, with my neighbors, with my family and with myself in a world that doesn’t define who you should be, how you should look like and what you are worth.


Creative minds come from a place where most people’s minds can’t touch because they’ve been influenced by media, by people, and by an environment that is so busy, it really doesn’t care about you. When I jump roped outside and the neighbor came over and talked to meor when we drove down a dirt road and the other driver wavedor when we left each morning with the door unlockedor when I woke up feeling fat but felt accepted by people who didn’t care about all the superficial tendencies of this world..I felt real. 


It doesn’t matter where you are from. It doesn’t matter what you do. All that matters is that you look into the hearts of your neighbors, into the mind of your offenders, and into the spirit inside every living plant and animal and realize that we are truly unified in a world where anger makes us separate.


Today I pray that we appreciate our daily blessings and give constant gratitude to the one and only thing we will ever truly possess in this world: which is our spirit and the manifestation of its strength through a strong mind and a healthy body.

The Newlyweds!