Focusing on the Future

January 12, 2010

January 12, 2010

I am so tired. I am now in the third and last trimester of my pregnancy and am seriously wondering where the time has gone. I’ve been so incredibly busy sometimes I feel annoyed, fatigued even resentful.

Somehow I feel like I should be enjoying prenatal pedicures and spending hours laying in bed talking to my belly. Sometimes I wish I had time to spend hours shopping for cute newborn outfits or hunting for a great maternity dress.

But I don’t.

I’m juggling several different job roles right now. I’m feeling a lot of stress from financial investments and am focused on planning, aiming and executing every single day. Every single day I create a list, I schedule and I plan. After aiming and hitting each daily goal,
I sleep then do it all over again the next day. It takes effort to consistently push when most people’s (including mine sometimes) natural disposition is to be complacent

I recently told a group of parents in my nonprofit school program to be ready to put in a lot of sacrifice in their journey towards creating a healthier body. After all, it is often said that nothing comes without sacrifice.’ And it’s true.

In order to move forward and away’ from where you are you have to do things you’ve never done.

Your daily routine changes. Your efforts increase. Your body, mind and spirit are engaged towards a future thought that will one day manifest into a physical reward.

That is what progressing in life is all about. Dreaming, calculating, risking, sacrificing and receiving.

I don’t know any gambler who won big by putting a penny in the slot machine.

And I don’t know any reward I received in my life that was given without immense sacrifice and total investment.

I’m tired. But I won’t always be.

I’m annoyed. But I choose to be.

I choose my thoughts.
I choose my
And I will choose my destiny.

Journal Pictures: January 12, 2010

My little baby at only one month.

Happy Birthday little man!! He was sooo happy on the day of his party!

His first birthday cake!

His first year of Life!

The people who make his world so special…

I will remind Christian every year what’s truly important in life.
And it’s not money.

Thank you to all who attended and celebrated our baby’s 1st Birthday!

Loving his cake! David made a surprise DVD of his first year.
We both got teary eyed!

Tons of gifts…too many actually.

I’m now in my last trimester. whew! I haven’t felt pregnant
this entire time! I’ve been too busy.