finding motivation.

June 5, 2006

June 4, 2006

Everyone needs motivation. And I am no different.

This evening, right before I decided to spontaneously run outside for 20 minutes, I got on my computer and just started writing: whatever came to my mind.

I wrote down adjectives of what I was feelingwhat created those feelingswhat I wanted to feeland then I created a small 1 hour plan on how to attain that goal. In two minutes I was able to brainstorm, identify, and create a solution of a problem I didn’t know or understand until I analyzed the source of it.

While it seems like a simple act, most of the time, it takes a lot of mental discipline to not only dig into the depthness of your brain to find, but it also takes strong, personal discipline to actually get up and do something about it.

So I went outside: started running intervals on the hills surrounding my home, and as soon as I started, my knees started hurting, my heart was already pounding and at one point I fell from an uneven crack in the cement I was running on.

It was hard.

What was harder was running even though I didn’t feel motivated to do it. 

When I first began training I was excitedreally excited. Like when you first meet someone or start a new job. It’s exciting and you are motivated to learn more about that person, place or thing. But after a while you get tired, you get bored, you get un-inspired and you start to lose interest.

I haven’t necessarily lost interest, but, I’m ready to move head forward to something greater.  Because I have ‘been there’ then ‘retreated back’ because of poor decisions and past mistakesI have to deal with this journey to gaining a fine-tuned physique all over again. What holds me back the most is thinking too much about the past and not enough about the future.

When you think of the future – when you start dreamingthat’s when you find motivation.  When you don’t let the ‘past’ or ‘present’ determine your level of emotional health ‘right now’ you are actually living in the power of your own prophetic future.

Motivation isn’t found – Motivation is created. It is created from a goal – an attainable vision that will move you into ‘action’.  

I tripped today while running because instead of looking forward, I was looking behind I had a ‘preoccupied mind’ that couldn’t see the steps it was taking ‘right then and there’.  My goal today and for each day while I live, is to always ‘occupy’ my mind by truly owning the thoughts and dreams that pass through it.  When you start owning your mind, you start owning your decisions – your decisions become actions and your own actions creates your own, personlized destination that dream is fulfilled by a motivation created within you to perceive, believe and achieve it.