every day is a new battle..

March 28, 2006

March 27, 2006


            Every Day is a New Battle.” I have that quote plastered on my bathroom mirror so I am reminded each day that it doesn’t matter what I did yesterday, or what I plan on doing today, what truly matters is what I am going to do right now, that will take me that much closer to becoming the person I want to be.


This past week I went to IHRSA in Vegas, spent all Saturday writing and designing and all Sunday with my family. Throughout all this ‘busy-ness’ I somehow still managed to allow negative thoughts of self defeat seep into my mind.


Recently, I’ve battled a lot of internal feelings of disappointment, anger, insecurity and pessimism – It is important to come back to reality and remind myself that while I tend to veer towards a very optimistic way of looking at life, I too become challenged on a daily basis to give into my temptations. The biggest temptation I have is to give up or give in, not permanently but for a short moment in time. While this moment is only a short period, that moment of conscious hesitation is what breaks or makes this journey towards self achievement. Many of my life accomplishments and strength were revealed in these small crossroads on the road towards a better self.


It is important to recognize that greatness is found in the combination of small actions – and not the result of one big one.


            Every day when I awake I know I have opportunities – to challenge and overcome physical, mental and spiritual battles. I know that once I allow a negative thought to penetrate my spirit it starts to create a ripple effect in my thoughts and in my actions. Trying to control your mind, when there are so many things trying to ‘grab’ and ‘hold’ your mind’s attention: whether it be a spouse, a job, a family, an advertisement – is difficult.


            I constantly find myself ‘losing myself’ in this chaotic world of distractions – all trying to control my consciousness by making me feel ugly, dumb, fat, insecure, unworthy, under valued.I feel like the world is trying to create symbolic representations of things to quickly make you feel good: whether the magic solution be found in a food, a pill, a thing, or a pair of shoes J


            Every day is a battle to find inspiration, create motivation, appreciate daily blessings and discover more about myself inside a world that makes me choose to involuntarily lose myself.every day is a battle between positive and negative forces – true harmony comes from finding balance between these forces and creating an energy inspired by the will to actively live.