Dual Faces.

May 13, 2007

May 14, 2007

I am leaving tomorrow for New Zealand. While I’m excited, I fully admit that I haven’t packed, I haven’t closed all my projects and I haven’t researched anything about that beautiful country. All I know is that my passport is on my top right drawer in my bedroom. Believe me, I will be running around like crazy manana!

In truth, Im the type of person who doesn’t fully realize the upcoming event until Im 2 seconds away from the moment.  When I took my lone trip to Europe a few years ago, all I knew I was landing in Athens, Greece and needed to make my flight from Florence, Italy a month later. Similarly, last year when I visited Malaysia, I decided mid-trip that this would be a fantastic time to take an impromptu visit to Thailand.and so I did!

What is interesting about my philosophy on living is that I’m a very, very, very plan-ful person.  I usually dream ahead a few years and break down the steps in months, weeks, days, even hours…just so I can realize the significance of this very moment to create some meaningful progressions.

However, while most people target me as being the most responsible, ambitious, somewhat anal and regimented person they know…my rash decisions, quick actions and flexible timelines also mark me as the most spontaneous, free spirited, somewhat delirious and dreamy person they know.


I would also venture to say that while I am absolutely masculine in my work ambitions, my workout ethics and my cut-throat way of operating, analyzing and managing a business institution, I am also absolutely feminine in my affection for kids, my attention to flowery details and my compassion for harmony and balance in all things

Each day I try to assume symmetry in my internal reflections of who I am.

We all tend to fall into a title in life a symbol we think we represent.  We all play the role of a person created by either ourselves, society, media or our social environment.  In whatever performance we choose to play, it is important to realize the duality of our character.

Every lover who has ever felt happiness, has felt the same weight of pain.
Every fighter who has ever experienced success, has experienced the same amount of failure.
Every person who lives with extreme passion, has lived with the same degree of apathy.

We are all whole individuals who only know a little bit of who we really are. In order to become who you were meant to be, you must allow yourself to experience your personal opposing traits, such as fear, sadness, anxiety, love, excitement and more

In order to see who you are, you’ve got to shed more light on all the dark things that are unknown to you.

Leonardo da Vinci once wrote about how the object he painted didn’t change the only thing changed was how much light was cast from its shadow. The real interplay of light and shadow is the only transient change that occurs.

In my life even though Ive re-read book and re-visited cyclical journeys…I start to see more when situations are given more light. I am given better understandings when I am given more perspective, passion and patience to my minds object, which I routinely see every year, every month, every day of my young existence.

As we journey onward in our lives we will start seeing the dual faces of our beings come to light.  As much as we fight who we are, we cannot contain what we are. Essentially we are both good and bad, happy and sad, joyous and depressed, young and old….we are everything.

Stop trying to fit into a box. You weren’t made to not be everything you already are. The more you live, the more you will realize how wrong you were to believe that everything was born from the darkness of a misperceived circumstance. A great quote read, You either control your circumstances, or allow your circumstances to control you.

Become your dream. You are only limited to as far as you can see. Give your vision light.