Building a bridge— brick by brick

March 13, 2008

March 12, 2008

I’ve been experiencing another major headache one of two really terrible ones I’ve had in the last 20 days.

I feel overwhelmed.             That’s the best way to describe it.

My side temples are beating, the lower back of my head is throbbing and my
sinus’ are starting to get tender. Every moment of the day, I’m trying
to NOT think about answering an email, writing a grant, faxing a
document, creating a program, or networking with a new organization. But I am..and I do…and I can’t stop thinking, planning, or creating right now.

The wheels have already started turning.and they aren’t stopping anytime soon.

Last week’s board meeting was efficient and optimistic. I feel so blessed to
have a team of people who not only have great expertise in their field,
but most importantly, have a passion to help people. It was a milestone
in FWB history, as we will never experience that moment in time again:
When we were a small start up nonprofit, designing new programs,
discussing potential partners and projecting future challenges.
Throughout the meeting, there were times when I was angry, happy,
frustrated and excited…but in the end, it was comforting to experience
those emotions with a team. For it is that team
that will provide the strong, passionate and vibrant energy that will
manifest a physical reality of a charitable organization born.

My head is heavy my eyes are often tired and my brain won’t stop moving

My ‘to do’ list never wavers my commitments never decrease and my obligations never cease

And as I lay in bed this morning: with little motivation to workout, eat clean, work on projects and maintain my network

I made a decision to take action not because I HAD TO, but because I had the OPPORTUNITY to do so.

We often praise the United States as being the country of opportunity…the place where your dreams can come true

The truth is, is it doesn’t matter where you live, who you are, how you
look like or what kind of money you make…we all have the opportunity by
the power of our Free Will to filter what goes into our psyche and what we choose to manifest into a physical action.

We have a choice to make this moment better than the last…a choice to be grateful for something or unsatisfied with nothing

We have a choice.

So as I continue to battle each headache and conquer each commitment, it
is the gift of my free will that I choose this path…and for that I am
grateful for every brick I need to place in order to build that fitness
bridge for other’s to one day cross.