Bearing Fruits…

December 8, 2009

December 8, 2009

Last week, I was very excited when my middle school program, Tri(y!) Falcons 4 Fitness was featured in the city paper. Today we were confirmed to appear on the television show, Good Day Sacramento, on Monday!It feels so rewarding to receive public awareness and applause on a project I’ve put a lot of personal effort and work into. This is a continuing personal testament that in order to see results physically,personally or professionally, you must have faith, commitment and work ethic. Your every day small acts will one day accumulate to one big act…and right now, I’m feasting on the fruits of my labor.

Very exciting.

And yet,I’m still sowing as I type.

This past week I’ve also been working on my newest business venture and creating marketing materials and connections with other associates…Sometimes I’m incredibly busy, other days, (like today) I can nap at leisure, play with the baby and read at Borders.  While I don’t work out as often as I did before, I haven’t gained much weight during this pregnancy and still look more fat’ than pregnant on most days.

In fact, unless he kicks me, I forget I’m pregnant often. I don’t have cravings, no morning sickness, no excessive weight gain or fatigue. I do have more backache than I did the first round though. If I discover myself lying on my back in the morning, I know I will feel tense back pain for hours later.

Christian is growing to be the happiest baby in the world.He walks. He dances. He climbs. And he plays ball. He loves it when I read him books, in fact, he often opens books and reads out loud in jibberish words to himself. His fifth tooth is coming in! I spend so much time with him and feel absolutely blessed to be able to stay at home and work. I absolutely love being a mother.

Today on my site, I wrote a quote by Deepak Chopra which says, Everything that is happening at this moment is a result of the choices you’ve made in the past. And as I finish this entry, I realize more how true that is.

I’ve always known I wanted to be a stay-at-home, working mom with kids close in age. I’ve always known I’d have my own business and spread my passion for fitness with others. I’ve always known I’d be a fit, hardworking, loving mother, wife and daughter.

I’ve always known because the truth of what I know myself to be’ is what I’ve focused on throughout my life. We all control our future by focusing on a destiny that we control. Each day we are living forward or moving backward. We are either focusing on the positive progress of our dreams, or the negative failures of our past.

I choose the future.

Journal Pictures: December 8, 2009

Shopping for his first Christmas tree.

He loves Christmas shopping….because he gets to stand in the cart!

21 weeks preggers.

Merry Christmas from the Casler Family!

This is not a video player! CLICK HERE to watch my
fitness program on Good Day Sacramento.
(which was shot live on Monday morning)