an invisible wind.

September 25, 2006

September 25, 2006

This weekend I experienced my last moments as a resident of San Francisco.  While I may move back later in my lifetime, nothing will ever match the years I spent living on my own as a young woman in her early twenties. Years ago I fondly remember driving across the Bay Bridge with my small exercise bike in my trunk, with stars in my eyes and dreams in my head..I didn’t know what I was going to do, I just knew, I had to do

In the years spent there, I reigned as Miss San Francisco Chinatown, managed an exclusive health club, met influential and extraordinary people and attended all the local events, independent film showings, ethnic museums, and beautiful parks the city had to offer.

Moving was tough – and to be honest, I cried during much of it. What made me most sensitive to the transition was the realization that life was going to change: that it would ‘never be the same again.’ These are the moments when you realize that life could hit you at any moment: and you understand that with every special memory, proceeds unique moments like these today. Life stops and you realize that by capturing this endless ‘present’, you begin to transcend into a ‘time-less’ being.

And just like the moment captured when I was moving to the city years ago…I realized as I was moving out of the city, that “I didn’t know what I was going to do, I just knew, I had to do something.” Something else takes over my life sometimes…a decision to make my life purposeful by performing what others may perceive as a ‘purpose-less’ action. I get pulled by an invisible wind, and instead of fighting it, I flow with it. Head Strong.

Life is more dynamic than what we wish to believe. While we may think ‘nothing changes’ as each day passes – it is necessary to realize that only one thought can change your life forever.

For once a thought takes over your consciousness, it absorbs you – the only
way to release the energy this thought created, is to take action.

I took action this weekend. One day, I will understand why I was given the courage to do so.

I will be leaving for Malaysia for 2.5 weeks. The next time I will have
the opportunity to update my journal is on October 16. In the meantime,
please check out my fitness weblog and my daily fitnesscure. I will be updating those from time to time since it is much easier to write entries on browsers that are more accessible.

JOURNAL PICTURES: September 25, 2006

I used my networking skills by becoming Miss San Francsico Chinatown 2003 when I first moved to the city.

March 2006, Hanging out at Ocean Beach near my former home!

April 2006: I love sitting on top of the roof overlooking the city and watching the stars.

October 2004: Before my dad retired, I used
to visit him at work and make him and his colleagues dinner! (He was a
Police Sargeant for the SFPD)
They loved it when I visited

November 2005: My first friend in San Francisco, Brian Woo!