a good mother

September 8, 2009

September 8, 2009

I get so tired throughout my days. My first trimester always leaves me fatigued, sleepy and tired. It’s
tough right now as I’m trying to complete a lot of different tasks every day.  Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with
being a stay-at-home working mom. While I’m on a conference call, I’m trying to keep the baby from crying. When I run errands, have
appointments and meet people, I bring Christian with me. When I have an article due, trying to concentrate on a full sentence is challenging when there’s a baby fully crawling and standing against any piece of furniture in arms reach.

A working day never truly ends for me.for if there is a computer available, there is a program that needs creating, budgets that need re-drafting, people that needs contacting and sites that need updating.

I’m not the best television buddy.


Despite my busy-ness

I know I am the best mother to Christian.

We have an absolutely wonderful child. He laughs, giggles and smiles all the time. He has a warm and loving energy-an energy that everyone observes and remarks upon when they are in contact with him.

As a mother I’m realizing today now more than ever, how much the energy’ of the child reflects the energy of the home and the spirit of the parents. Essentially, Christian is happy because David and I are happy people.  From the moment he wakes up, we affectionately play with him. A few times a week I take him to the park and have him interact with other kids. When David and I interact, we speak with a warm tone.  If we didn’t play with him, if we fought a lot, or if he never got to be around nature – Christian would be a different child.

I’m realizing that more each day. While I didn’t grow up in the richest neighborhood, wore the best clothes or experienced the best interactions with my parents . I didn’t know it because the love in my parent’s home always superseded any external events.

Even though I’m busy, tired, frustrated or annoyed.I don’t let Christian sense it.

Even when David and I occasionally fight, I don’t let Christian feel it.

That’s what a good mother does.

Despite crazy days, angry people and annoyed interactions – she protects her child from her selfish impulse to spread negative energy into their lives.

This is Christian’s second lesson for me.

Journal Pictures: September 8, 2009

Some of the babies of the mom-me fitness club

the hard-working mamas!

cute daddies.

Labor day with the family. Check out my big man!

He’s absolutely perfect.

LOL. He’s a moving baby!