26 years young.

November 28, 2006

November 27, 2006

When I was young I always detested celebrating my birthday. Each year, I’d
continue my ongoing childhood contemplations as to why I was born, why
people died and why life was tragically unfair.
The day of my
birth was a personal recognition of an un-ending quench to ‘figure out’
my reason for existing and this year was no different. The days leading
up to my 26th year created feelings of uneasiness and mental discomfort
once again.

For my present, I asked my family to accompany me to the bookstore and purchase a personal book on my behalf.
As I browsed the aisles, I soon became engaged with all the
possibilities each book would uncover. If I wanted to learn more about
psychology, philosophy, management, marketing if I wanted to read
biographies or learn how to build something I could. I could
do anything I wanted, as long as I maintained a level of humble
curiosity that my mind’s world is still undiscovered and untouched
regardless of age and years lived.

It doesn’t matter how old you are – what determines your age is how much
curiosity and love you still have for this world when you play in it on
a daily basis.
Children teach us that there is always
something more to learn, always something else to question, and always
something to take a part just to put back together. In a eye
of a child’s mind, they don’t resent what happened yesterday, they
don’t worry about what will occur tomorrow they look at the
possibilities today, to play in a world still unknown to them.

This world is still unknown to me.
As much as I’ve traveled, worked, competed, learned and experienced in
the 26 years I’ve lived I know that every passing second cancels all  that I’ve done out. Every
day I start with a score of “0” in my life ambitions but every night
I’m a little bit closer to achieving a new height towards a greater

When we all gathered as a family: drinking coffee, telling jokes and sharing
books I felt a sense of peace and serenity in my heart and in my soul.
While the day was simple – the day was exactly as I had hoped and
imagined it to be

The quality of your life is not dependent upon what you do, what you own,
who you know or think you are the quality of your life is about
building strong relationships, about making a positive difference, and
most importantly, about giving and receiving Love, Compassion and Faith
to all who exist in this world with you. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thank you to everyone who celebrated my birthday in spirit with me.

Journal Pictures: November 27 2006

My Sunday Birthday at Borders with my whole family!

My older brother, Dominic, turned 27 on November 22nd!

My good friend, Dave Slagle, annoying my little sister Angel on Dominic’s birthday!

My warmest childhood memories are of the two of us…

Thanksgiving morning – 5k to Feed the Hungry!

Thanksgiving Evening with my father and sister, Christine.

Playing ‘Boggo’ with my sisters! I was winning up until the very end!

Me! Thanksgiving 2006!