the only thing constant…is LOVE

October 8, 2008

October 7, 2008

Today was a good day. Actually, it was better than good it was perfect.

I woke up early,

Had a protein shake with cereal. (A day is always good when you take in protein
– Posted motivations and articles on Fitness Cure.

Went with David to get lab work done. (For my pregnancy tests)
– Picked up Stephanie to attend the First 5 Commission Board Meeting.
Was ecstatic when awarded a grant for FWB. (yay!)
Met with a mother who sold me 3 big bags of nearly new baby clothes for $50.00
Dropped by the care home facility I manage
Took a deep nap (I dont sleep as well at night anymore)
Picked up my personalized baby shower invitations
Came home to 2 big boxes. Discovered our crib and changing table were delivered. (It was a present from Davids mother.)
Received a huge donation to FWB from a really great friend/colleague. (the biggest weve ever received!)
Watched Dancing with the Stars while folding laundry
Took Tiger on a long walk at 11pm with David.

I needed a day like today. A day when sweet surprises pop up everywhere and you begin to appreciate the smallest details in life: from eating a sweet apple to seeing your dog smile. Life is so much easier when we count our blessings.

For those who have been reading this site you can tell Ive been on the opposite end of the spectrum in regards to positivity…However, when you’re pregnant (at least when I’m pregnant) I get very emotional at times and become very impatient when things don’t go my way. All around, I definitely think I am a good pregnant woman who has little physical ailments and complaints…but due to my natural tendencies to be a prepared perfectionist, the pregnancy definitely takes a toll on my psyche.

There are a ton of things I’m working towards from the wedding, to the nursery, to the nonprofit, to the care home, to my personal fitness. Nevertheless, throughout all this….the most important thing I’m working on is my relationship with David.

This constant challenge of strengthening a relationship reminds me of a conversation I recently had with a good friend who is enjoying the bliss of the first few months of a budding relationship. Its exciting; its fun and most of all: its perfect. She asked me if I thought things would always be the same I responded:

Sure! Any good relationship will stay the same! As long as every variable in your lives stays constant. 

Once you add in varying internal hormones, physical changes, family issues, deeper commitment, even deciding to get married anything that
creates change will cause things in your current environment to change. So sadly, there is nothing constant but CHANGE, however, things could stay the same IF your love and desire to always give stays eternally constant. Love these first few months. Delight in the
freshness of the hopes and dreams you both share in this newfound commitment. For, these are the times you will ALWAYS look back on and

I can remember amazing moments with David. He is a man who endlessly has glitter in his eyes, integrity in his voice and sincerity in his touch. Despite our natural misunderstandings and heated discussions I never doubt his love. With all the variables changing in our relationship

His truth has stayed constant.

Thank you David.

God Bless.


Journal Pictures: October 7, 2008

We had an impromptu, amateur photo shoot Sunday morning before church.
We needed pretty shots for my baby shower invitations.

This cute dog is always the star of the show!

He sleeps with me every night! He wouldn’t get out of the pictures.

See what I mean!

David (my photographer) is showing me how to pose. LOL!

Shopping for a table on Sunday afernoon. LOVED this! Very unique.
We were taking pictures of what we liked.

Downtown after Fitness without Borders received its grant from
the First 5 Sacramento Commission!
David, Stephanie and I attended the Board Meeting.

The best way to be ‘green’ with a baby is to RECYCLE!
I bought 3 big bags of used baby boy clothes for $50.00!
We don’t have to shop for anything anymore

Here, David is sorting the laundry.