Sweetness after Sacrifice

March 10, 2009

March 10, 2009

I am tired.

My goal was to get to sleep by 11:00pm tonight but it is now 11:02pm and my day still isn’t done. For the last few weekdays I have been
waking up at 5:30am to workout. Training that early is a sacrificial act that requires discipline and tons of motivation. If I fail to train in the morning, it’s rare that I have the energy to exercise at night. By the end of each day I’m often tired, lethargic and too exhausted to muster up the energy to workout.

My weekly schedule has also become more regimented. On Tuesday and Thursday mornings I meet with other mothers at a local park to workout and mingle.  Last year, I vied for the First 5 Sacramento Commission community building initiative grant
for mothers who want to meet common friends and become fit. I was awarded over $4k for refreshments, games, parties and a new website.  It’s a wonderful feeling to connect with other local mothers, meet new babies/kids, and train in an outside location.

Later that day, every Tuesday and Thursday our FWB high school fitness club, C.O.R.E.,
meets afterschool. We’ve had various successes with that club as the students we serve are becoming more educated and experiencing
significant personal progress. Now that spring has arrived, many of our members have gained the confidence to try out for sports they never
fathomed before. I’m also excited for C.O.R.E. to be part of the state ASSETS program, an after school enrichment program that will not only
allow the students to eventually receive credit for their involvement, but ASSETS will also support the club financially and allow us to
easily integrate into other schools in the future.

On Wednesday and Fridays I spend a great deal of time administering at Laguna Woods care home where I
organize files, update medications and manage client care. In the evenings I usually work on updating fitnesscure,
writing articles and answering emails. Throughout all my priorities, I often have Christian by my side…delaying me if he is hungry, sleepy,
gassy or just wants a big hug from mommy.

While I am busy I also know that I choose’ to be busy. Each day I can easily become swayed by my circumstances. I could get
stressed about my commitments or angry at my projects…and I do. In fact, I complain to David probably once or more every week.  Realizing and accepting that my life exists this way because I made it this way is empowering.  

But as I stretch in sweat after my morning workout or when I say goodbye to our C.O.R.E. club members or talk to an elderly man for over an hour…

when I hold my baby every night after spending an hour rocking him to sleep.

…I feel better.

Life’s sweetness often comes after some sacrifice.

When we commit ourselves to something when we see things through, no matter what it takes that is when character develops.  That is when internal strength truly manifests into our visual world.

Journal Pictures: March 10, 2009

Squaw Valley Lake Tahoe, March 2009

Daddy is preparing the fire.
We were blessed to stay at his uncle’s cabin this past weekend.

He’s so cute!
He was wearing the hat and sweater my Auntie Dianne bought him…so adorable.

His first trip to the snow! 8 weeks old.

such cute little mittens.

It was great getting away. We needed it!

My first time skiing! I tried snowboarding once and hated it!
I love rollerblading so I knew I’d catch onto this well…and I did! Loved it.

Of course, I fell a ton of times. Here I am trekking out onto the untouched powder.
That was fun!

The weather was so beautiful.

Christian at 4 weeks old.

my little angel.

close up.

he peed twice during this photoshoot!

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