Seeds of Intention.

September 14, 2007

September 13, 2007

Monday was a difficult day for me. A wave of negative energy hit me like a lightning strike and immobilized my ability to drive, to write, even to stay awake. My mind was clouded by a sober coil of confusion and calamity. I almost had an accident 4 times.  I even walked into the house with the keys in the car, while the car was still running!

Midday, I fell into a deep slumber after releasing suppressed tears of anxiety.  I literally, spent the first half of the day pissing off everyone who had contact with me then I spent the second half of
the day apologizing.

I wasn’t premenstrual and I hadn’t experienced an angry event.
After years of knowing my body, mind and spirit, this experience
furthered my sensitive connection to spiritual changes in our universe.
Not only was our world revisiting the angst of September 11th, but we were also given a new moon last night.

I speak and write fondly about our universe often because its our home. As a young girl I never felt solace and protection in a home
environment. I traveled to distant countries, became acquainted with
different cultures and befriended unique strangers because of this
invisible connection we all share. Regardless of the physical components that divide us, there is an all-embracing energy that shares no boundaries.

Our world is energy. And Energy is our world.

Our physical existence is made of stardust. And Stardust is made of our physical existence. Our bodies equal the composition of the earths minerals…And Earths minerals are equal to us.

Like a human body, some of us make up the important role of the heart, assuring our life giving blood is circulating. Some of us make up the cleansing role of the kidney, managing the energy that our bodies ingest. Some of us make up the directive role of the brain, guiding the whole body to move in a
willful intention.

And then, there are some of us who have been infected by cancerous
cells. Toxic and draining…all of us know when were in the presence of
a dark and dead matter of energy.

When achieving any life endeavor, people often coin the phrase: Its all about WHO you know. Not what you know.  In some ways, that statement is true. However, I always counter-argued that WHAT you know creates the opportunity to be acquainted with WHO to know. Eventually,
likes will find likes. You will develop a life team and there will be
comfort and ease with specific groups of people. Like the organs in your body, each person is guided by an energy led by a role, a direction and an intention.

The idea of intention is the reason why seemingly secure people like rich men and beautiful women are often very insecure.
They know deep down that 90% of the people around them are taking their
strength and intending to utilize it for their personal need for
security and social validation. Should these secure people lose their
sense of false physical strength, 90% of their environment would be
gone. Insecurity breeds with those who don’t realize their
exceptional role in our universal body and who walk amongst others who fail to honor their spiritual presence.

I’ve planted and weeded many people in and out of my life in these last years…it took repitition of bad experiences to recognize the true seeds of those who don’t lead a life with an open heart, which is a provision of love: the life-giving energy.

By analyzing the spiritual presence that supersedes all physical walls in this world, you will find that changing your life is as simple as finding your role and aligning that with a positive field of good intentions. Once your mind has re-directed course, not only will your life’s path follow in its intended direction, but your instincts will enliven and you’ll become connected to loving bodies of people.

That’s how you find ‘who to know’…

Journal Pictures September 11, 2007

My brilliant and wonderful friend, marketing extraordinare: Mark Sackett, turned 50! We had a Cuban themed celebration hosted by Napata’s Sunday Salon in Oakland. I’m soo happy to share this day with him!

I really enjoyed the live Cuban band and learned how to Salsa!

With my cool, new friend, Sensei!
We had really good conversations about Catholicism, Christianity and
Buddhism! The mojito’s were dee-lish! I would’ve added a wee bit more
sugar though!

In San Jose with Mona Liza Reyes! She celebrated her “Official OFF
Season party” Check out her brand new (like yesterday new) website here!

Go Team Mo! It was awesome to be in the company of loyal friends/supportors!

Flex Wheeler’s Overall winner, Mark Byers, “the White Rhino” – it was a blast to see him again!

With Ray Arde, our first Filipino IFBB PRO! Woooohooo! LOOK! My cleft
in my arm is starting to re-appear! yay!

This is how one looks like after waking up, cleaning your car, taking
your dog a walk, going to church, having Sunday birthday lunch with
your Lola, driving an hour to Oakland, then to San Jose, then to San
Francisco…do I extend myself? Maybe. at least I, SEIZE EACH DAY!

Monday at Brian’s place – Here I am mixing up the cream for the TIRAMASU!!!

This is seriously a “I look like crap because I am at home in my
pajamas and wasn’t planning on this picture” photo – but hey! Look at
our cool, fattening, yet deelllicccioouss creation!!!

OMG – doesn’t that look sinful!?? I had one tiny bite then stopped! If
I had eating issues still, the whole tray would be gone!