re-writing history

June 7, 2005

June 6, 2005

Right now I am typing on my dad’s work computer….he works for SFPD as a Sargeant and lives in San Francisco part time. (But not with me
I try to see him by making him and his co-workers dinner sometimes on Sundays and sometimes during the week. As a child, I never got to spend a lot of time with him because he was always busy with work, commuting and doing ‘whatever parents do’ that distract them from spending more quality time with their kids.

I realize that sometimes in life, when you want things to happen, you really do need to take the initiative and make it happen yourself. There is ALWAYS AN EXCUSE why things are the way they are…and why it will be hard to create change…but while it sounds cliche, I always believed that ‘if there is a will, there is most definitely a way.’ Seeing my father allows us to have quality time together, time I never received as a kid…time that I know he cherishes and time I know will create memories that will never happen again. While I can complain that we never had a special bond, today I am acting on the opportunity to create a bond, however late it may be, because one day, we might lose each other…

We have thousands of opportunities in a single day to make decisions that can change the course of our lives forever….when we work out, when we choose to eat healthy, when we show charity to others, when we pray, when we show gratitude, when we are reading, when we choose what to read, when we choose who to meet, who we choose to love….t
here are so many things that we can change once we become conscious of who we are!

Time is an interesting concept because time is really the only thing people are trying to ‘buy.’ People are trying to have more ‘time’ being young, have faster ‘time’ with different gadgets…people are constantly trying to create more ‘time’ to do ‘something’ or be ‘someone.’ But what are we trying to do? And who are we trying to be? And in the course of not knowing either, we are wasting ‘time’ trying to attain things that really don’t give us what we really want….which is usually love, affection, and a sense of belonging and importance.
Right now is so special, because this very moment is a moment in time that will never, ever happen again. There will be no other day that will mirror today.

So today let us remember that: Every day, every minute, every second is a powerful tool…a powerful moment in time that can change the direction of your destiny. If you understand the power of time…and you understand the power of choice…you begin to see life as a self-fulfilling prophecy.