Pushing forward

July 30, 2010

July 29, 2010

I saw my childhood best friend this past weekend. In Elementary school, Claire and I slept at each other’s houses, exchanged best friend necklaces and shared life milestones together.  When Junior High arrived we went to a year-around’ school that had four different tracks. Since I was on A track and she was on C track, we hardly saw each other. When high school turned the corner, we had become nearly strangers to each other.

So when I reconnected with her again on Facebook, I was so happy to learn she had a baby boy six months ago and was happily residing in Washington state.  When she invited several school friends to meet at her mother’s house while she visited Sacramento, I took the opportunity to see an old friend once again.

On Sunday, I was lost driving to her mother’s house as I didn’t have my GPS in the car, but somehow my memory led me back to familiar streets that I had not taken in over 15 years. When I first saw Claire it was like stepping back into time only we weren’t 4-feet high, giggling school girls.

Claire and I had become mothers.  

We talked about our present lives, laughed about high school memories and reminisced about time gone.  While I jokingly reminded her of her extensive Mickey Mouse collection, she reminded me of how I used to show her new exercises and write daily goals meticulously on my wall in sixth grade.

I remember that goal list too. I literally wrote:

6:30am wake
6:32am brush teeth
6:40am change clothes
6:45am clean downstairs
7:00am eat breakfast
7:13am take dog for walk
7:30am wake sisters
7:33am study homework

I used to wake up right when my alarm rang and test my ability to get 20 things meticulously done within a two-hour time frame. Recalling those days makes it obvious why my life has become so hectic now. Most days we are rushing out the house because we are running 15 minutes late for a meeting, a birthday, a field trip or an event. I just spent a couple hours today putting deposits down on venues for a summer camp and Halloween and Holiday parties. Even being incredibly sick with my sons this past week, while it was incredibly hard to keep pushing forward’, I told myself to not think and just go’.

I have found pondering  anything too long leads to stagnation and wasted time. It’s key to know who you are, what you want and why you want it. After you know your goals, create a detailed plan that you follow through without contemplation until tasks get done daily.

All my life I’ve dreamed, I’ve contemplated, I’ve planned and I’ve executed to become a successful stay-at-home working mom who owns a business, founded a nonprofit and writes monthly on websites, magazines and newspapers.

It’s not easy. But through years of training and discipline, (which Claire reminded began when I was very young) I’ve been able to manage more.  In this last week, I was very sick and had a plateful of obligations to attend to every day. I remember thinking, Don’t think, just get through this.

I can’t remember how many times in my life I’ve recited that phrase.while I’m running at the gym, studying for a test, recovering after a break up, dealing with crying babies, working on a deadline or attending three events in one day.

Push forward. Don’t think. Just get through it.

Journal Pictures July 27, 2010

Check out this workout! Making waves with these ropes for a minute is hard!
I’ve been working out with my good friend, Adrian Pimentel, a couple times
throughout the week. Last week I met him at Midtown Strength and Conditioning where
they have kettlebells, tire flipping, and other crazy workouts.

Working out with my mommies at my Elk Grove Mom-Me Fit club.

Little Nicholas…
This ab exercise is called “kiss the baby”!

Nicholas had his Christian Baptism on July 24th 2010!

My cousin Elaine standing to the left is his Godmother.

This white chocolate cake is to die for! yummy. Thanks Uncle Eddie and Auntie Christine!

My mother did an awesome job with the food as usual.
Of course, most of it we cater!

We had over 60 guests including a couple of my closest girlfriends,
Borina Mak and Stephanie Woodall.

Horseback riding Sunday morning for my fitness field trip for
my nonpofit middle school program.

We also added in a small hike. Christian and I were matching!

I went to see my old best friend from Elementary later Sunday evening
Claire Valdez (in the middle with the baby in blue).
She lives in Washington state and has a six month baby. We separated
around middle school and didn’t talk much during high school – but facebook
(and babies) brought us together again! It was so awesome to see her!