May 15, 2009

May 14, 2009

This past weekend I celebrated my First Mother’s Day. David planned to leave for a few days on a surprise trip requiring hiking gear, swimsuits and extra diapers. While heading down south on Saturday morning, I realized that we wouldn’t be back the following day to celebrate with my mother. Initially we planned on leaving on Friday, but due to work obligations it was switched to Saturday. After some contemplation, I decided that while I wanted to get away’ and enjoy
the weekend with our new family. I equally also wanted to spend time with my mother. My father is in New Zealand right now and I didn’t want her to feel lonely on a day that recognized her love, support and commitment to me and my siblings our entire lives.

So David and I spontaneously decided to drive around the Bay area, visiting areas in Marin County and Napa
Valley. It was an un-planned, somewhat adventurous day however, I could tell David was irked by my decision, and a part of me was admittedly regretting my choice to stay in northern California, but I knew it was the Maria thing to do.

As a young teenager, I used to wake my mother up every morning at 5am to iron her clothes and cook
breakfast and lunch because I noticed she was always too rushed. While she was at work, I managed the household operations by creating lists for me and my siblings to complete and finish by the time she arrived
home.  When she began the first stages of kidney failure a few years ago, I moved back to Sacramento to assist in
preparing her body for operation. I feel an endless responsibility to help my mother, for she has helped me and shaped me in countless ways.

I can still fondly remember the time when someone asked me why I put my mother before a lot of things in my life my answer?

I could only hope that one day when I have a child, he/she will treat me the same way I treat my mom.”

In my life, I want to serve my mother the way she has served me her entire life. Growing up, she was the more liberal half of my parents child-rearing. I fondly remember her buying me new pairs of shoes when we had little money.
She raised funds for my expensive cheerleading expenses. Despite her occasional illness, she still traveled to every national and international competition with me. She will always be the most charismatic, most beautiful, and most tenacious woman I will ever meet.

As I reflect on my first mother’s day I realize more fully the unconditional love and endless devotion that streams between a mother and a child. While we weren’t able to leave the entire weekend, the symbol behind why we stayed not only inspired my writings today, but will inspire my actions for the rest of my life.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Happy Belated Mother’s Day.

Journal Pictures: May 12, 2009

My mother, Caroline Aducayen Kang, as a teenager.

We went to wine country!

everywhere I go – baby goes!

in Marin County.

David surprised me with a Jasmine tree in the morning. It’s taller than me!
And it smells so good.

at dinner for my First Mother’s Day!

I just love this picture.