I am not an idealist.

July 2, 2008

July 1, 2008

This morning I received news that Fitness without Borders will be receiving its first grant award from Nike. If
you can only imagine, I was very elated and excited about finally
getting some support for an organization that has been running fully on
my own investments and donations. Now, we can utilize those funds
towards the high school fitness club programs we have planned this
upcoming school season!

Since I received tax exempt status
in February, there have been moments when the nonprofit was busy with
events, grant deadlines and start-up programs.and then there were times when the busy-ness halted and I couldn’t look at a computer screen for a week.  (Hence my lack of journal postings lately) And while I didn’t have immediate results with many of my efforts, I knew that with
consistency, every action will produce a result. If it isn’t a desired
result, then I needed to take a different action and try again.

Whatever the end effect, I knew that vision without failure was the
only path. With the understanding that hardwork, persistence,
dedication and consistency pays off, I was relieved when I received my
first of many future grant awards.

My goal is to raise millions of dollars by instituting fitness programs that work.
 I don’t want overweight teachers boring students with book knowledge
on health. I want students to be empowered by their physical fitness by
being educated and producing a result through their personal knowledge.
I want parents and teachers to become educated role models for their
communities. I want there to be grassroots efforts, not just a top-down
effort in the community.

I guess I’m an idealist.

Crazy enough Ive never considered myself one.

I always believed that dreams are only goals that haven’t first manifested into a physical action yet. When
I dreamed of becoming a cheerleader, I began practicing cheers in fifth
grade. When I dreamed of becoming a beauty queen, I made pretend
pageants with my sisters. When I dreamed of traveling abroad, I started
reading travel books in Borders. When I dreamed of starting a non-profit, I interned at local organizations. When I dreamed of meeting David, I prepared my heart and told all of you of my intention.

When you are an idealist you dream, think and desire an ideal future
that most often, only your unwavering and positive spirit can foresee.

Our forefathers saw the birth of a new nation.
Abraham Lincoln saw the end of slavery.
Thomas Edison saw the ability to produce electric light

And I…I see the strength and achievement of an organization built on passion alone…

Every thought manifests into an action and those actions are what eventually produces a result.

I’m not an idealist.

I’m as real as real gets.
Nothing is more real than the thoughts that invade your brain every day
telling you to say something, do something, and be something

Your life machine is dictated by the sensory information in your head.
I realized this more fully when I dealt with lack of motivation these
past few weeks. While I became easily discouraged, I knew that
eventually Id reap some result, I just needed to stay focused and not
let my eye leave the prize.

Today I feel blessed with what I’ve sowed. Besides my engagement to David (which I’m still very enthused about) I am starting to see exciting new visions for the next three years.

Thanks for reading and God Bless.

Journal Pictures July 1, 2008

We went on our annual trip to Reno for my mother’s birthday. Here’s my dad assuming his position the entire weekend – in the room reading. Me? At the pool or sleeping. I hate gambling!

With my familia! My mother invited around 20ish of her closest friends to celebrate with us.

At the pool. Finally! The weather cleared up and it wasn’t smoggy.

David came with me on this trip but he was at the roulette tables while this picture was taken. LOL!
I wore this bathing suit last year too! I love colors

I woke up Friday mornin to THIS face lying next to me. I thought it was sooo adorable, I took this pic.

Then he woke up and preceded to lick me!

I loooovvvee my doggie. These are the best mornings! He’s sleeping next to me like a baby!