happy hunting.

January 2, 2006

January 1, 2006

Happy New Year!!!! Louis and I were planning to spend the New Years with a romantic dinner in San Francisco and a gathering with friends in a downtown apartment later but at 7pmafter he showed up in a non-matching outfit and flowers for dinner we decided to take an impromptu drive to Sacramento to share the new year with my family at my grandparents house party.

After shopping for a new dress and spending an hour getting ready I ended spending New Years Eve playing with balloons and getting my butt kicked in a competitive game of Taboo with family and kids instead of dining on tapas or sushi we ended up having a nice romantic Taco Bell Chicken Burrito on the drive home to surprise my family in Sacramento.

While the night wasn’t at all what I expected nothing could equal the value of seeing my mom’s face when I conversed with her on my cell phone while entering the kitchen to surprise her.

Many people make sure that the house is clean, that they dress up and have everything perfect once the new year begins while my new year wasn’t planned and perfected the way I envisioned…sometimes in life, you should let go and let your spirit move you in the direction it wants to go

My spirit impelled me to meet my boyfriend, Louis… my spirit propelled me to travel the world my spirit mobilized me to become a fitness activist and yesterday, my spirit brought me to my family and to the people I love more than anything in this world on New Year’s Eve 2006.

New Years Eve I lived I lived when I abandoned all plans and went for what I truly wanted I ‘lived’ when I realized that dining on tacos tasted better than an elegant dinner when I recognized that winning a card game brought more wealth than a good round of blackjack when I’m reminded that moments in your lifeline are measured by points when you consciously choose to allow love to physically move you towards your true destiny.

While many people create resolutions of what they wish to change..I like to create execution plans. I like to use active verbs that move me towards completion. I won’t reveal my actual resolutions, but I will divulge my execution plans because like anything in life, my actions and habits will lead towards its own unique amendment.

These are my goals for 2006.
1. Say a prayer every morning giving gratitude to new beginnings.
2. Say a prayer before each meal for health and nourishment.
3. Focus my mind, body and spirit in the presence of each moment and each task.
4. Give everything 105% of what I have and nothing less.
5. Use positive language.
6. Be a good role model to my niece and nephew by showing love, patience and compassion.
7. Give more to charities and those less fortunate.
8. Let go of things I cannot change and give Love to things I can.
9. Become a student of myself.
10. Live with Passion!

Last week I was a hunter in the process of loading her gun – This Week I am aiming at my targets. Tomorrow I am going to begin shooting.

Happy Hunting Everyone. This year let’s go for the kill.