Going against the grain.

October 17, 2007

October 16, 2007

I will be completely honest.

I have been uninspired to write these last few weeks. I’ve been busy driving to meetings, engagements and the gym. I’ve been working on projects that refuse to finish. And I’ve been distracted by a man named David.

I’m finding my journal writings, podcasts and blog entries to be more opinionated, less fluffy, yet equally deep.  Public opinion is a challenge any person deals with when putting him/her self “out there”.  As early as my elementary school days (when I was elected student body president) I’ve become accustomed to criticism, judgment and peer scrutiny.

While conforming to the ideals of a group (a.k.a. walking the fence) is the ‘easier’ life route to take, unfortunately, your identity will become shadowed by peers who walk the same ambiguous road as you. In order to grow, you must step outside the flock and challenge where they are going…challenge where you are going…and find yourself in the process of introspective discussions.

Most people are scared to express their opinion, state their convictions and challenge the status quo. Most people are unaware of their actions, insecure in their presence and unhappy with their lives.
Most people are living without passion and not realizing that they are dying a little each day.

….dying a little each day.

As we die each day, we are also growing in infinite wisdom, for experience teaches us the spiritual laws of energy. From every action, there is a consequence. From every decision, there is a result. From every cause, there is an effect. And from every experience, there is a lesson.

Each day we are learning more about who we are, what we have and why we exist. If you answer each life challenge with the answers to those questions, then the discovery and truth found in that problem will reveal itself to you.

Nothing is coincidental and nothing happens by chance. In order to fully embrace the fleeting moments of each opportune second, you must get ‘off the fence’ and take social risks.  Invite criticism, welcome judgment and tolerate peer scrutiny.  Life is not about conforming to groups, waiting for dreams and following blinded leaders. Life is about becoming yourself, grasping your dreams and becoming a leader of thyself.

You are a leader or yourself.

Journal Pictures October 15, 2007

Fundraiser Casino night at my grandparents house. I was practically
raised in a casino, so Blackjack is a childhood game for me!
There was bingo in the nook and mahjon (a Chinese tile game) in the garage.

With my Aunt Elma. We had to donate a quarter for every play. Mom’s Lion’s group raised $1200 that night!

This is actually my card hand (and my hand) Of course, I stole my
sister’s ring for the night. Haha!

I’m soooo in love with them.

My Tahjai Baby

My friend’s Christian and Daniel from Highschool! We’re playing around in this shot..

My Bay Area Christian friend, PE Teacher, Brad Burman! Thanks for coming!

I went to the Flea Market on Sunday and took pics of some stuff I
wanted to eventually get in the future. Isn’t this chef cute??!! I
think it would be awesome to put the dinner menu up every night

I REALLY, really, really want to get this eventually. Imagine! Riding
to the grocery and book stores!! I would be saving the environment and
looking cute on my pink bike and big basket!

Happy October y’all!