falling in love again

August 1, 2006

July 31, 2006

It’s Monday night. My hair is wet from my 2nd shower today – which preceded my 2nd workout for the day.
My legs feel incredibly tight from a week long fitness conference in Las Vegas, which included new group classes like: urban strip tease,
stiletto strut, bosu circuit, and gliding. I’m trying to get this done in 14 minutes since I’ve dedicated 11:30pm to be my cut-off time to go
to bed!

Well…just like most days, this morning I woke up with an ill desire to get started. While I lay in bed this morning, I could feel the shifts of consciousness I was creating when I began changing all the tasks that I
‘have to do’ into a ‘want to do’.
I began realizing that today I could stay in bed and do nothing – or I could actually get up and do something, with a will to make each minute ‘count’ towards a long term ‘want to’ goal.  I began appreciating why I was training, why I was working, why I was devoting time to emails, pod casts and motivational quotes. I had to remind myself that today was a conscious choice based on a free will to live life with a ceaseless passion and endless love to help
myself, help others, and become better.

Every day I feel like I’m ‘falling in love’ all over again.in everything I do. It’s very hard to constantly appreciate and revere the simple blessings life gives you: whether it is health, family, food, employment, friends, etc…for in order to respect it, you have to constantly remind yourself who you were when you were without it..that type of disciplined thinking changes how you live each ‘present’ moment.

I fell in love with fitness all over again when I sat in the energy of rooms full of passionate trainers,
instructors, directors and business owners. I was amazed at how much these people cared about helping their communities get healthier

I fell in love with Louis all over again when I came home exhausted and tired – yet he patiently listened to my
thoughts, took me to dinner and drove me early each morning to the convention center.

I fell in love with my body all over again, when I sexily danced to Brazilian beats and saw the curves of my body move harmoniously with the music.

I fell in love with life all over again-when I decided to get up this morning and take action – when I utilized my
free will to train hard, work hard, play hard and live hard.

Each morning is a new cycle of new beginnings reminding yourself of the simple gifts that are granted each morning when we arrive into ‘ourselves’ is what will make you love your life, because then you will
‘know’ your life.  Life isn’t a given – it’s a gift. And all the things that come with a new day are all ‘present’ for a reason.

Crap. It’s 11:45pm. There goes that short term goal Have a great week everyone.