Establishing Commitments

March 28, 2007

March 27, 2007

I’m at a significant point in my life.

I quit a job I loved. I pulled out of a condo I fought hard to get. I broke up with an incredible guy and I’m establishing myself in a city that is new but old to me.

Tomorrow, after I train at 6:30 am, I am attending a meeting to discuss assisting and possibly directing a mentor/charity program in the Sacramento region.  I also plan on updating, creating an activity and operational program for elderly homes and finish two articles for separate publications. After I run a few errands to prepare me for the IHRSA
convention this week, I plan on catching up on emails, researching certain industries and celebrating my fathers 54th birthday.

As I plan my future days…I will be guided by a brief rememberance of the small effort I took to elaborate goals on a large white poster board last night.

It was last night when I finally mustered up new courage to make challenging commitments.

I wrote down 6 specific goals I will target and focus on for the next 3 years. I usually break mission plans down into years, months, weeks and days…ultimately, my goal each day is to put something progressive into each goal bucket.

Naturally, when you become more aware of something, you start to notice all those who are not on the same page as you…whether it be fitness, morals, goal setting or even fashion. Lately, as I’ve become more dedicated to my personal obligations, I’ve observed others in my daily life, who avoid upholding commitments. Most often, they are scared of failing, they are scared of discovering weaknesses, and they are scared of change.

I believe many people are scared of themselves. They don’t realize the strength within them. They don’t recognize the warrior within. They sense but don’t see the giant asleep inside of them.

But the giant is there and its ready to become challenged by a conscious commitment towards a personal value ready to present itself by you…and you alone.

Yesterday I took the first action towards intangible dreams…Today, I am fully responsible for my chosen path and the life I want to acquire tomorrow.

If you want to achieve a dream…you must responsibly establish a commitment.
Making a commitment, following through and allowing a concept run its full circle is STRENGTH. The more life circles you complete, the larger sphere you will begin to control and influence.

As adversity, challenges and battles inevitably confront me in this journey, I will always look towards the spirit that wrote those words last night. I will always remember the spirit that carried the office
boxes on her last day at work. I will always seek the spirit that consciously chose an uncertain path directed by passion alone.

I am starting a new wave today….and I’m ready to challenge my heart, my mind and my spirit in this new commitment to be a true creator of my destiny. Tonight I pray we all find fortitude in our hearts to all ride this same wave.