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June 12, 2007

June 11, 2007

Friday night was filled with sushi, sake, red wine and a live 80’s band. I can vaguely remember that late night.  All I recall is freely moving alone on the dance floor and staring admirably in the front row in view of all the band mates.  I even ‘drunk texted’ some friends that night, who were shocked at my state of consciousness at 3am.

After 3 aspirins, a big bottle of water and 4 hours of sleep, I woke up early Saturday morning to support my niece and nephew in their first soccer game!

Since my homecoming, I’ve been moderately disciplined, occasionally lazy and perennially in deep thought.  As I spoke with a friend, who found it unlike me to ‘let go’ on Friday night, the reality is, is that it was me – it just wasn’t what he ‘wanted’ to see in me.

In our daily lives we choose what we see. We can read a book a thousand times, drive down a road each day and talk to the same people year after year – and see something to different every single time you undergo that familiar yet “new” experience.

For a second, I started feeling ‘bad’ about not ‘being myself’ on Friday night – after all, I’m disciplined! I’m a health nut! And I like training in the morning! However, those aspects are only a piece of which I present to be, as well as the piece my friend chooses to see when I first welcomed him into my life.

It’s actually very scary to reveal sides of you that would make a person uncomfortable about being around you. When we select our surroundings and the people we communicate with, there is an invisible thread that connects our spirits.

What moves us into each others ‘spaces’ is an indiscernible motivation that fills the value needed between each separate individual at that moment in time.

We all unconsciously allow people into our lives that represent a piece of us and what we need.

I’ve met people who I enjoy partying with, traveling with, working out with….I’ve met people in school, in political lectures, in different parts of the world…online!

But when the parties over, when the vacation ends, when the training’s over…when the classes are done and my political views changes – who can we relate to then?

Our peripheral landscape changes every single day. Every day I learn something new – I see something else – I know something more.  When you open yourself to possibilities, the life connections become endless.

This past week, when I read Scott Peck’s “Road Less Traveled” I absorbed a new spiritual lesson, when I accompanied my mother in the hospital I learned a new personality trait, when I trained in the gym this morning I became better acquainted with a new friend….and as I finish this week’s journal entry, I am learning to be more cognizant of what energy elevates me to connect at a cyber level with all of you.



Journal Pictures: June 12, 2007

Saturday morning watching the kids play soccer – they were sooo cute. They only cried 5 times!??

HAPPY BIRTHDAY THOMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Listen to his amazing fitness transformation here.

Isn’t Thomas a lucky man?!!! Here we all are on Monday night at Tapas of the World.