Committed Decisions

November 7, 2006

November 6, 2006

Last week was incredibly busy. There
were days when I felt mental and physical total exhaustion. For the
first time in a year and a half, I couldn’t even write my weekly
journal on this site.

Believe it or not, committing to these weekly entries is not an easy task.
I usually spend about half an hour staring at the computer and then
after some deep contemplations and allowing my fingers to type without
directionI end up with a journal I post each week

now I feel finally recovered and ready to battle a new day tomorrow.
It’s less than 2 months away from my favorite holiday and the New Year
when I plan to unveil a new personal best.

Since I’ve returned from my vacation 3 weeks ago, I’ve made a decision to myself.

I made a decision to stay on a disciplined, workout and diet routine by training 6x.week until I reach my immediate physical goals.

I made a decision to stay true to my spiritual values and family principles by assisting in my mother’s health until I reach my immediate personal goals.

And I made a decision to stay focused and determined in my work and passion for fitness by increasing my contribution as a team player for 24hr until I reach my immediate professional goals.

This past week I was challenged in all 3 areas of my physical, personal and professional commitments. The
moment I truly wanted something was the same moment I started feeling
the pressure to complete it. That is the dichotomy of life.

most challenging part of this new journey is realizing that there is no
estimation of when I would ever reach any of these goalsbecause
throughout my life, I’ve always renewed each endeavorand as I refined
all areas, my long term visualizations become more realized and my
internal apprehension becomes stronger from each experience.

Studies have shown that 95% of the people who committed themselves to pursuing a goal will complete it. Persistence
and Passion will take responsibility over your mental, physical and
spiritual psycheand eventually a cosmic, universal energy will guide
you there.

And so here I write again – in the silence and solitude of my own sensestrying to awake from this daily madness I term ‘life’
hoping that this small mishap in my performance to complete a weekly
journal won’t derail me from my commitment to let a piece of me exhale
each week….cheers to Monday!

With Connie at Castro District in San Francisco Halloween night.
I was a mermaid with red hair but it was cooollldd that night!

I loved their costume! They were the golden gate bridge!

“before” photo – costume for work!

Douglas and I won the 24hour fitness costume contest! We posed as
‘before’ and ‘after’ success stories! After losing weight she dyed her
hair, got a boob job and posed for playboy!

at Disney on Ice on Sunday – I loved the Little Mermaid!

My mommio and daddio!

They had soo much fun!