Cherished times.

March 17, 2009

March 16, 2009

Christian’s Baptism was held Saturday morning at Good Shepherd Catholic Church. Dressed in a white layered gown, his christening outfit also comprised of a little hat and a stole.  David
and I were so proud to witness our little, well behaved son get blessed
over holy water. Over sixty family and friends came to celebrate his
joyous occasion.  Afterwards, we convened at my parent’s home where we ate BBQ, socialized and enjoyed each other’s company until evening arrived.

Today I cleaned out Christian’s drawers and packed away a lot of newborn clothes that he no longer fits anymore. So sad!
I kept one of his first outfits out so I can hug and view it as he
grows older. He’s 9 weeks now and getting bigger every day. He’s a
strong baby. He was already holding his neck up the day after he was
born. Now, he is cooing often, following me attentively with his eyes
and copying my words. I am relishing every moment with him
for I know he will only be like this for a small moment in time when he
begins crawling, we can never go back to when he didn’t walk when he
begins talking, we can never go back to when he was just cooing and
when he begins eating solid foods, we can never go back to when he just
needed me for nourishment.

Amazing what steps we take in life.

I often recall thinking about my life’s milestones when I was a young child.
I fondly remember turning 10 years old and realizing that I will never
be a single digit age number again. I was nervous about the days when I
would leave my family and grow up.’ In fact, we had such a close, tight-knit family, I didn’t ever want to imagine life without my mother, father, sisters and brother.  And
now, today as we celebrate a momentous event in Christian’s life, I
know that I need to continue relishing these moments a time when my
parents are still alive when my nieces and nephew are still young when
my relationship with David is still blooming and when Christian is
still just a 9 weeks old.

Life moments are created to never be repeated again.

There may be similar times, but there will never be an identical moment.

Cherish each day for they will never return.

Cherish each person for they will grow older.

Cherish each moment for it will never happen again.

Journal Pictures: March 16, 2009

Christian’s Baptism Day.
Life has changed so much. Check out what I was doing one year ago!

He was so good! He didn’t cry once during the ceremony.

Our family and friends came to witness.

He was dressed like a little pope! LOL!

My Uncle Eddie and Aunt Kristine bought him this cake! So cute!
No one wanted to eat his face. haha

My mom always does a great job at preparing the food.

Thanks mom!

The new Godmother….my sister, Christine, who also just turned 27!