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January 2, 2007

January 2, 2007 

Happy New Year Everyone!

Wow! I still find it incredible to witness every passing year and stand in awe as you reflect on how so many things have changed in a matter of 12 months. This year, I was blessed to have my good friend, Dave Slagle, fly up from Southern California, to spend New Years with
my family and friends.

Dave and I met through a series of synchronized actions, when I decided one day to take one of my solo adventures to the Exploratorium in 2004. While I knew the San Francisco Pro Show was that same night, I wasn’t planning on going until I saw a friendly face while walking through a
crowd of vendors waiting to get inside the auditorium. Not only did we instantly become best buddies, but our friendship has continued to grow and develop as our good and bad experiences together have deepened.

Most of my days are spent solo or interacting socially or professionally with people – but it is rare when I get the opportunity to spend time with my friends on a daily or even weekly basis. Most of the people I associate with, I only speak to maybe once or twice a month and sometimes we casually message each other. But while time and space is a limiting factor in my relationships with people, the ‘real-ness’ that prevails our deep conversations and quality time together is what keeps us connected and resonated with each other.

We all wear a daily mask – and we all know what our employer, our friends, our parents, our mates, our society…wants from us. And unless you have a strong sense of self, it’s really hard to cut yourself from the strings that keep your ‘puppet’ life in motion.

I have strong convictions regarding love and friendship. One of my amendments to my friends is “Don’t EVER shape your answers to serve what you think I want to hear.” If I wanted to talk to myself – then I would never grow as a person. Personal Evolution takes place when you realize you need/want to change. You can’t identify all your limiting factors until someone ‘outside of your box’ helps you identify your weaknesses.

So as we continue a new year figuring out how to become better ‘actors’ in the plays of all the people’s minds we perform on a daily basis – hopefully, when we are around ‘true friends’ we don’t have to be a puppet, instead, we can be a ‘presence’.  For ‘our presence’ is more powerful than we know, you can feel the energy of a strong being when they aren’t controlled by any variable in any room, but their own internal spirit.

If there is one resolution you should make this year – it should be to continue actions that un-earth your internal spirit and become an illuminating presence in this world. To illuminate yourself, you must share your internal love with others who also resonate the same passionate energy as you. As a single person you are just you but in a team of ‘true
friends’ your passion becomes a force.

Be a better friend and manifest the powerful force that breeds within you and your team in the year 2007.

God Bless all of you.  

Journal Pictures: January 2, 2006

Phone Camera Shot with my good friend Matt at a lounge on Friday!

Dave took this shot while I was napping with Tiger on Sunday.
I was so tired! I feel like I’ve been hit by 2 buses lately!

Covered with balloons at my grandparents house with Danielle!

My Best Man with his favorite girls!

After the costume change! In my pajamas with my mommi-o!

I get my sarcasm and bluntness from this woman right here! Regina Doremus!

Dave won the pajamas contest! bought that for him for his birthday!

I couldn’t turn down a party in comfy pajamas!! Thank you Dave for sharing New Year’s with me!!

My tiara was a huge hit! (the celery was just a prop

Horsing around in Regina’s home gym. My goal this year is to tighten up all my muscles! And continue qigong with my dad!

Group shot with some of the folks there.

Getting ready to send my mom a greeting right at midnight!


can’t acccuse me of ‘not living life to the fullest!!’ Here we are
spreading the celebration to the streets. I’m not scared of fire
Now the fireworks was crazy fun!