a year of blessings

January 1, 2009

December 31, 2008

I began 2008 in Hawaii, fresh in love and ready to tackle on new goals.  Never in my wildest dreams could I have fathomed ending the year in the place I am today.

At this very moment, I can feel the baby moving forcefully inside my tummy in fact, he hasn’t stopped for about an hour now. I love
placing my left hand right below my breasts and feeling the baby’s feet press up against my diaphragm.  In the beginning
it felt miraculous seeing my belly move and feeling intense tugging within…now, I can imagine the baby’s full body in a tight, fetal
position ready to come out and present itself to the many people waiting to hold him.  

My mother calls me every morning inquiring how my night went my sister answers my phone calls with a long yesss..??’ hoping I was letting
her know I’m on my way to the hospital. David and I went on a late, full blown, grocery shopping spree tonight to stock up on meals for the
next month, we placed the baby’s seat in the car, packed the cord blood kit, finalized my birth plan for nurses and doctors and washed 4 loads
of baby laundry tonight.

Now it’s all about playing the waiting game.

2008 has been one of the longest years of my life.


My nonprofit, Fitness without Border’s, received 501(c) 3 status.
We received 2 grants: one from Nike and the other from First 5
Sacramento. We attended many events and executed our first C.O.R.E.
high school fitness club.


While I knew David and I were going to get engaged this year, I wasn’t anticipating the perfect way he proposed on June 18th.
I also didn’t expect the beautiful, heart shaped, diamond engagement
ring he presented me with. We went through many ups and downs
throughout the year and have been admittedly close to breaking up at
times but we stayed committed to our original intention and vision
when we first met. Today, I feel so blessed and thankful to share my
life with him.


Our family hosted 2 weddings! My sister, Christine, got married to Edgar in July and my parents celebrated 30 years of marriage together in October.


I traveled a lot. I began the year in Hawaii, traveled domestically to Vegas and Mississippi, explored internationally to India and went on a road trip to Oregon for my birthday.


I expanded my professional resume.  I had a workout feature in Max Muscle Sports and Fitness magazine,
became a steady, freelance writer and became more involved in the
family business as an administrator to a residential care facility.


The biggest event of all: was discovering I was pregnant and watching my belly grow month to month.  Not
only did I spend the majority of the year preparing to bring a child
into this world, but I was also mentally realizing that David and I
were beginning a family of our own.

As 2008 closes, I can’t express how much I’ve grown spiritually this past year.  While
some things came planned, 80% of life events were unplanned. I
realize that life’s gifts come in different packages and in order to
see it…you must know why circumstances occur…why surprises happen – and
why personal transformation ensue when pressure is viewed positively
and not the contrary. Life will happen just as it should – and all that
happens was always meant to happen.

Happy New Year Everyone and God Bless you.

Journal Pictures: December 29, 2008

Day before Christmas Eve: Wrapping – wrapping – and MORE wrapping!

The Christmas Tree!

My favorite Uncle Eddie, his wife Christine, my mom and me! Christmas 2008.

My dad took this picture of me – I don’t know why I was sitting on the ground?

My Familia! Angel, Christine, my dad and mom and my brother, Dominic.
My siblings and I are all one year apart! I am the eldest girl.

It was sooo exhausting – our family tradition is to stay up to midnight to open presents.
Here I am with my beautiful little niece, (Christine’s baby) Danielle.

I was sooo excited to give this to my doula for Christmas!!
David and I had this custom embroidered for her.

I made custom calenders for my relatives!
I had to design each page and put everyone’s bday on it!

David got me this cute little book that I love. Some great quotes are:
“Nothing will drive a sick man back to his job like knowing how much
work his wife has lined up for him if he stays home.”

“The best time to do the dishes is right after your wife tells you to.”

“A wife will always forgive and forget – but she’ll never let you forget that she forgave and forgot.”

Group family shot! I LOVE being with all of them!!