a student of thyself.

January 24, 2006

January 23, 2006

7:14 am. Monday morning. I just finished a run/bike cardio session that preceded a prayer giving thanks for a new day, a new opportunity, a new beginning and a new me.

Last night I made a pact to myself as I usually do when I am posed to attack. And after each week of experiencing trial and error: I now have a bettering understanding of what challenges my strengths and what triggers my weaknesses…knowing thyself is a powerful skill that can lead you to unlimited greatness if you choose to continue becoming a student of yourself.

When you become an eternal student you learn the most when you humble yourself and sit back and watch how others developed, succeeded or processed information, you became more open to information and ultimately, you grow. In order to become a student, you have to let go of any personal or public perceptions that limit you from generating genuine introspection. While we can all identify with a position in life given by social or familial status we receive in reality, these positions are really a figment of your limitations to define who we truly are.

I often feel trapped in a world of personal suppression. After a brief 25 years of life- I realize that while some of my individual achievements have been due to my private efforts, it was the ultimately the blessings of this universe and the objects formed in this universe that made me if someone said I could do it, I did it. If someone said I was beautiful I felt beautiful. And once I began owning peoples positive perceptions of me, I began collecting evidence of my personal identity through certificates, trophies, and objects.

Two things happen when you begin owning social perceptions of yourself while you are absorbing positive information, simultaneously you also begin to own negative perceptions as well. In this shadow of light and darkness your form begins to lack substance and it begins to lack life. I became an object in other people’s personal theater of their lives, a performance where they were the stars of it and I played a role inside of it…but whatever I represented to them wasn’t really me.

I think we can all relate to that feeling of identity loss, when the force of other people’s expectations haunts your personal, inner, and livelihood.

I created this site because I needed a voice. I felt like I was screaming inside and no one could hear me. There is so much more than what people can perceive with the naked eye and I’m not different. It’s within all of us. It’s not necessarily the need to feel special or unique it’s the quiet desperation to feel closer to oneself.

You are a being you weren’t given a choice in which form of life you would be housed in you weren’t given a choice to be born, white, black, yellow rich, poor, beautiful or ugly… and that’s the beauty of life. Is that regardless of your position in this world, you don’t have to become trapped by your form. If you are able to become aware of your limitations, you can begin redesigning the power of your own perception from within first. When you are able to create mental evolution it doesn’t matter what the world delivers…your power is your ability to react to any negative or positive stimulus and have it serve you.