a piece of a puzzle.

October 25, 2006

October 24, 2006

week I was frustrated because everything in my life is new: where I
live, what I do daily, who I hang out with and when I train. While
change is hard, it is necessary in order to grow.

The main reason I moved to Sacramento was to spend more time with my mother and assist with her health.  I never want to regret decisions made in my life, and I never want to take every opportunity I have, to make every effort in my lifepurposeful.

In America we stress independence and individuality.  But
in my backgroundwe stress family. When I say ‘my background’ – I mean
my Asian Culture, my Christian Faith and my Parent’s Family Values.

Everything that characterizes me today: my courage, strength, passion and drive all stem from my background.  Building a strong foundation of  ‘culture’, ‘faith’ and ‘value’ will assist you in your decisions and actions each day. Regardless
of the beautiful houses we build in the physical dimensions of our
mind’s dreams, if we have no foundation, it will all break.

I broke when I left Sacramento.  I thought I needed to be ‘free’ – be ‘independent’ and discover who I was without the influences of my family.  While
it was a priceless experience, what I learned from the event wasn’t
necessary how to disconnect from my familyit taught me how to
‘connect’ once again.

made me a better person. It made me realize the piece of the puzzle I
was fulfilling at homeand how in order to grow, I couldn’t be a piece
of the puzzle, I needed to be my own puzzle. I needed to be whole.

I’m backand I know who I am. I’m not a daughter, a sister, a friend,
an employee. I am me. I own me. And I don’t need anything to relate
myself to in order to know exactly where I stand.

JOURNAL PICTURES: October 24, 2006

The Greenway, Kang and Aducayen Family!

My Beautiful sisters, Christine and Angeline Kang

My Big Brother, Dominic Kang and me – photo taken in 2003