A Life Invested.

July 7, 2007

July 7, 2007

Saturday afternoon. WOW! For all y’all who regularly read this site you know I’m never THIS tardy.

Ive been admittedly busy, very distracted and immersed in my daily
life to complete basic chores and personal commitments.

Today however, I plan on doing what most people would find to be an extremely boring day. But I’m so excited!
I cant wait until I go to sleep tonight knowing that I was able to
organize my life and engage myself in activities that require me,
myself and me!

After writing this, I
plan on re-creating 4 ongoing project timelines, reading books and
magazines stacked in my cars backseat, writing a few fitness articles,
walking Tiger, swimming outside and entering a new diary entry.

While today is mundane and filled with loads of solitude, it is a
powerful day that will serve as investment towards my future goals.
Being able to not be busy allows me to find boredom in tasks that challenge my psyche and stimulate my mind.

I don’t often expel what my goals are, but I do reveal when I reach moments of achievement.  

It is often said that achievement is formed when opportunity aligns
with preparation. Therefore, you must discern how you spend your time,
who you spend your time with and why this energy is progressive in
your present experience.

It behooves everyone to examine their lives the way any wise person
would look at any financial, physical or emotional investment in life.

Do not make a regrettable mistake by living unconsciously and
performing daily actions that hold no redeeming value.

If you want to forecast the future of your life, examine your early
progress,  question your physical objects/rewards, investigate your
personal character, survey  your group of friends/surroundings, and
evaluate your  philosophy on life, love and faith in a higher source.

Each moment is a new opportunity to invest towards a future desire.  Be
cognizant of how your energy/presence effects your current environment,
how your innate gifts can affect the world and how you can bridge both
awareness’ by affecting as much as you can in your lifetime

….that awareness is what brings true strength.

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Journal Pictures: July 2, 2007

spent a few days in San Francisco – I thought this was a cute note I
left Boryna when I left super early to go train! Nothing comes between
me and my workouts! Notice the cute happy face.!!

with her boyfriend Terry and his friend at the clubs on Thursday night!
THAT was an interesting evening. We ended up at an 18 + club…boy did
I feel super, duper old!

Boryna was my best friend in highschool. Look at us!
We are 17 years old in this picture – totally developed~!

This was loads of fun.

this was a funny shot of my glasses in my car. I have like 10 pairs of
$10 glasses because I lose them all the time! I have a collection of
headbands, glasses, and hats.

James at Mollie Stones. I visit him EVERY time I’m in San Francisco.
He is the biggest flirt – and always surprises me with dark chocolate, fruit or dessert.

My view of the old SF buildings during the Fillmore Jazz Festival.
( I was laying out listening to the music.) It was crazy hot and got a humongous tan.

I’m soooo dark right now!

Me and Christine Part 1

Me and Christine Part 2! I had to cover my shirt with a huge napkin to
make sure this site is Rated G! Just kidding – I just got body shy!

My familia at “texas roadhouse” for Sunday lunch. It was also my Aunt Christine’s
(the cute woman on the right) Birthday!! Happy Happy Birthday!!

Swimming outside on a Sunday afternoon.

Popcorn, cherries and diet coke…only consume if you are actively moving! (btw: I drink diet sodas 5x/year)

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