Your Passion will reveal your purpose…

October 5, 2012

October 4, 2012

The last time I worked as a paid personal trainer was in 2003.

I continued my career in the fitness industry through writing, marketing, management and project coordination. In 2007 I left the corporate world to come back to my home city of Elk Grove because my mother was undergoing kidney failure.  That year I also decided to combine my professional skills and passion for fitness by creating a nonprofit, Fitness without Borders, that focused on providing fitness education to children and building community leaders.

When I became a first time mother in 2009, I decided to apply for a First 5 grant after seeing an ad at a shopping mall. I was blessed to be given funds to start a mom-me fitness club, where we met at a local park twice a week and planned weekend and holiday events with our children. I was motivated by this endeavor because I didn’t have many friendships in the area, especially with other moms. It made a lot of sense to utilize my fitness background by creating a free club where we can meet, workout and engage our children in playtime.  

Along with my only mom-friend, Ana Sneed, we taped mom-me fitness club flyers on mailboxes, hung them on community boards and contacted the local paper.  On our very first meet up, no one came. It was just me and Ana – so we proceeded to workout despite the turnout. Each week, a new member would join. Eventually, we built a roster of over a hundred members, many who come during events, weekends or weekly workouts. Together we have watched our children crawl, walk and quickly run. We have talked about potty-training, preschool and pregnancies. Our children have learned to enjoy activity, socialize with others and even learn how to count while we performed jumping jacks!

It’s been a commitment these last few years to maintain the mom-me fit club due to my work and pregnancies, but with the help of other members like Jennifer, we have been able to sustain and grow. Our mom-me fitness club is a strong example of mothers who prioritize their health and happiness without compromising time spent with our children.

Today it was announced I would be receiving the “2012 Mayor’s Volunteer Award” for making a positive impact on the quality of life in our community.


When I built the mom-me fitness club, I never expected recognition. When I created my website, I didn’t expect a large readership. When I took that infamous photo with my boys, I wasn’t expecting such an emotional response.

I didn’t expect what I am receiving right now, but I did know that if I followed my passion, my purpose would reveal itself.

My purpose is found in the energy of others…in the energy that is transformed and exchanged because we each exist. Their part in my life is equally as important as my part in theirs. In the center of our union is a passion that united us…

Thank you for being a part of this journey. God Bless.

If you are interested in starting a mom-me fitness group in your area, message me on Facebook or email me at

Easter Event for our mom-me fitness club.

During our weekly meet up

Christmas "Gingerbread house" Event for our mom-me fit club


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