Where I belong…

December 23, 2010

December 22, 2010

In the last four days I hosted a Gingerbread House-making party, organized an employee Christmas party and attended my niece’s Birthday party. Between my family and friends, my care home, my nonprofit and my Mom-me group, I am literally either planning (sometimes attending) a field trip, a seasonal party or a yearly celebration.

While I was driving around running last minute errands for the Gingerbread party on Saturday I began my usual regrets of mentally saying, This is the LAST time I’m doing this. After all, I have to invite guests, market the events via fliers and newspapers, purchase supplies, organize the timeline, rent the facility and prepare paperwork for the grantee. It’s not easy hosting events. I’ve done it several times for the nonprofit, countless times for the Mom-me group and I’m tired.


Imagine hosting one party whether it’s a birthday, a barbeque or a dinner and multiply that by 20. That’s my life. I don’t want to complain about it because obviously I choose my own path but sometimes it gets frustrating when so much of my life is directed by the outreach I personally do within the community. Sometimes I feel bad for my husband, not just because he supervises the boys while I’m away, but because he deals with my emotional stress and constant anxiety.

While I was attending the Governor’s Wrap Party, a celebration to the seven year administration of Arnold Schwarzenegger, I listened to great speeches commemorating our Governor’s public outreach. Most touching, was when his wife, Maria Shriver spoke.  She noted that while she wanted her husband to lead a certain life, she acknowledged that Arnold didn’t belong to her he belonged to the world.

Hearing those words made my life and the reasons why I live my life Make Sense.

I wouldn’t be me, if I wasn’t leading groups, creating programs, hosting events or driving around trying to make things happen.  I do what I do because I know I can do it.

I’m able to be who I am because the things I do make me who I am.

We are all called to be something when we first ask what is it we need to be. I know this desire well, for as a little girl I’ve always prayed to make a difference in this life and to other people. I’ve asked God to help me understand my reasons for living and what I can do to service this world

And so I was given a job to be a wife, a mother, a writer, a business owner, a group leader and a nonprofit founder. I was given a talent to communicate my passions through writing, speaking and gathering people through events.

I was given a job that unearthed my talents…it was through servicing others where I discovered my purpose.

God Bless all of you and Merry Christmas.

Journal Pictures December 22, 2010

At our annual Christmas party for our care homes last Saturday.
I have had that sequin sweater for ten years! Seriously! I have
so many old clothes since I was in college that I’ve worn for years.

Posing with my new nephew born two days after our wedding!
Welcome Baby Jason! (I was in the delivery room and I can’t express
how great it was being at the other end of the delivery table!

My mother was thankfully discharged a week after our wedding…
in this photo she was actually discharged a few hours earlier. She is
recovering well but still not up to par. The first time I saw her after the
wedding she had a feeding tube and ventilator in
her! It was a very, very hard time and emotional rollercoaster.

At Regina’s Holiday party in Eldorado Hills, CA.
We have both been incredibly busy and I’m just so thankful
that I have such a supportive husband and amazing father to our kids.

Regina and I have known each other for seven years! We met at
my (and hers) first fitness contest! It’s been a great journey with her
since…she’s married, I’m married…and we both
have our own business’! (She has a successful spa!…Simple Serenity

Happy Birthday and Graduation to Stephanie!
Those candles say “Congratulations”

Setting up for the Gingerbread party! It was cold, rainy day!

He loved my reindeer ears. I love my little guy. He’s 8 months now!

I loved all the gingerbread houses. So cute and unique.

This is a cell phone shot taken at the “Governor’s wrap party”
It was a great evening with my good friend Joseph Freschi.

The many faces of Christian. These were taken in a 30 second period!

He will be two in January.