universal symbol of healing.

October 31, 2005

October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween! Ive been exuding so much creativity this past week. I cooked delicious meals, potted plants, crafted costumes and created new work projects. I exuded A LOT of mental energy to write this – and I’ve gotten a lot of questions on how my thoughts and writings ‘come alive’. So I NAVIGATED this entry into sections to help you absorb my mental path.

-MY BODY BECAME SICK- Early Saturday morning I became very sick and couldn’t breathe because I turned the heater on high in the house the night before, I felt instantly compelled to open the window and bedroom door to allow fresh air in and warm air out.From this simple act, I instinctively knew that I needed more circulation.

-I REFLECTED ON A UNIVERSAL ‘SYMBOL’ TO BEGIN MY HEALING-We are all instinctive animals with the abilities to employ innate, survival techniques to keep our bodies alive. Needing Circulation is a common ‘remedy’ to ANY Life Problem because the circular symbol reminds us that it is critically important to allow things to run its course. You must allow everything in Life to Begin from a conception and End inside its same origin.

– I DIESSECTED THE SYMBOLIC MESSAGE.- Whenever you fail to allow a ‘thing’ to live, grow, develop and breathe…the ‘thing’ will internally and externally weaken because you would have disrupted a natural path inside life…Anything that lacks movement and progression – will suffocate and eventually ‘die.’ To prevent mental, physical or spiritual ‘death’…like a tree, we must live in harmony with the ‘light’ that feeds us…that energy can emanate from the sun, the people around you, the food you eat, the job you have. When you reflect on the natural doctrines that ‘fuel’ our life, this reflection reminds us that the only certain path we walk while living…is the path towards the upward light that feeds us.

-I SAW PATTERNS OF MY INTERNAL THOUGHT SYMBOLIZED EVERYWHERE.-You see circular symbols all the time: in the shape of the earth, the form of the sun, the contour of your eye, or the structure of a tornado.it teaches you that our mind, body and spirit is constantly revolving in the sequence of a divine code seemingly powerless to us.

– I WONDERED HOW MY MIND EFFECTS SYMBOLIC PATTERNS.- But like the symbolic formations and principles discovered in circles another wonder comes to my mind: and that is the power of control. I wonder: if life is designed with a pre-written blueprint found in its natural desire to curve in a circular motion, then how much control do we really have to re-draw the pre-determined pattern of our personal destiny?

– I GRASPED THAT EVERY SYMBOL PHYSICALLY CREATED IS ALREADY HOUSED AND MANIFESTED INSIDE OF US. – I believe that our human splendor is crafted from our ability to reflect various sizes, shapes, shades and symmetries within our body, our mind, and our spirit. A circular shape is a symbolic reminder that while our lives seem to repeat each year as time moves forward and cycles are repeated, our internal structure becomes stronger because of the revolution that took place.

– I AWAKENED THE POWER OF THE MIND.- The internal revolution is caused by a celestial force that keeps our internal wind rolling the force within us is the hidden power to force tangible things to move by pure mental will and mental strength we use the power of our mind to accomplish hard workouts, hit sales goals, or achieve a specific object by purely ‘desiring’ it so much. And as long as we keep rolling, as long as we ‘don’t give up’… we haven’t fallen outside the gravitational pull that keeps us on track and towards completion of our goal.

If true power stems from your metaphysical might to force things to move then it is not the tangible power we can see that determines our strength: it is the unseen, intangible power inside your mind that determines our destiny.

– I AM REMINDED OF THE EVERLASTING, INTERNAL FORCES THAT LIVE INSIDE ME AND RIPPLE THE OUTSIDE WORLD- For it isn’t wealth, physical beauty, or belongings that symbolize power. Power is Control over resources the hardest resource is the instinctive and blissful value discovered inside a human spirit because it is that spirit that will force your Life Circle to evolve, to strengthen and most importantly your spirit is the invisible origin that creates a visible effect in the finale of your world..

– I STEPPED BACK AND LOOKED AT THE PATTERNS I CREATED IN MY LIFE.- We all struggle at some level with challenges in our genetic coding, difficult upbringings, or grave habits but while we may be on the circular route towards a predictable end result once we consciously become aware of the pattern, it is up to us to utilize our mental strength to challenge ourselves in this battle inside ourselves to win in taking control of our personal destiny.

– I REALIZED THAT BY SAILING DEEPER INTO MY MIND, WHILE LOST IN BIG QUESTIONS, IT FORCED ME TO DISCOVER BIG ANSWERS, FOR NOW I HAVE THE COURAGE TO SAIL FARTHER DOWN AN ENDLESS RIVER..Me sick Saturday morning brought out both the animalistic and secular creature in me when I ‘ breathe I knew that I felt lifeless because particles inside my body and inside my room were not moving. This small but big lesson reminds me that WE WERE ALL DESIGNED TO TAKE ACTION. For if we didn’t move, in essence, we would rival a motionless corpse. The Power of a person is not saying he/she will move or attaining symbols proving that he/she have moved. The Power of a person is saying he/she will do something and he/she gets it done and by coming full circle from the origin of the challenge to the creation of its result…true power is the knowing-ness that while you’ve amounted a vastness of strength according to the cosmic laws symbolized in the flawless shape of a circle – your ability to magnify and intensify your internal sphere of strength is absolutely limitless.

Have Fun this Halloween Season! Eat lots of candy for me…especially Snickers!