Un-feeding a Habit.

May 22, 2012

May 21, 2012

For the past couple months I’ve been getting regular manicures at a nail salon. In the past, I usually manicured my own nails every week at home. However, ever since I tried the gel polish before going to Vegas, I became hooked! The polish never fades or chips. It promotes nail growth as it creates a hard shell around your natural nail size and protects it from damage. For someone who is very active with cleaning, working out and being around three young boys, it was a great experience having beautiful nails without having to re-touch them every few days.

The only catch – because there is always a catch in anything too good to be true – is that you need to get it done every two weeks (because your nails grow). When they remove the gel, they soak your fingers in acetone and then scrape the polish off. Initially, it seemed very unnatural to me. While they apply oil to condition your fingers, I wasn’t convinced that the long-term effects of the acetone and UV lighting used during the manicure were healthy for my skin.

Besides the maintenance of the devoting an hour every two weeks to get my nails done, it was also a costly venture. While $30 every two weeks is affordable, it was also something I could’ve spent on my children, my new house or my nonprofit.  Regardless if I have 1k or 100k in the bank, I’ve always prided myself on my simplicity and my independence.

Ever since I was in fifth grade, I’ve painted my toe and finger nails. I personally color and often cut my own hair. I don’t use an iPod when training, nor do I own the newest workout gear. While I enjoy fashion, 95% of my belongings are marked down. My sister even bought me “Latisse”, a product that helps grow your lashes, and while I wanted to use it, I was resistant because of the same reason I decided to remove the gel polish completely the other day…

I don’t like being dependent on things.

I don’t like feeling anxious if I forgot my phone at home…or unmotivated if I didn’t have an iPod…or depressed because I can’t afford the latest fashion. I don’t like feeling obligated to purchase something because if I don’t my lashes will get thin, my nails will get brittle or my hair will get dry.

I am not saying that there aren’t things you definitely need. I’ve always felt that basic is best. Being simple is the most satisfying way to live because you don’t need many external things to make you feel beautiful, motivated content or happy.

So as I type with my ‘real’ nails, I know I’ll have to repaint them in the next day or so.

One of them chipped this afternoon.

While it’s annoying, I realize that the process of personally caring myself is therapeutic. Most of all, I don’t feel forced to feed a habit that requires an outside entity to fulfill.


My nails! There is NO Gel Polish on them. Coral peach is my favorite color to wear on my nails and clothes!

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