The Unexamined Life….

January 29, 2010

January 28, 2010

The unexamined life is not worth living.  – Socrates

We attended the Walk for Life in San Francisco this past weekend. It was wet, cold and crowded. But regardless of the turbulent weather, we marched with courage and utmost conviction.

Years ago, a couple friends told me that stating my beliefs would polarize many of my readers.

After all, the topic of abortion creates a lot of moral debate. I don’t assume that all my friends or readers are Christian, health fanatics, women or pro-lifers. But there is one thing for certain I know we are
all human. We all have personal experiences that have shaped and molded our character and beliefs today.

I know that political views, religious beliefs and cultural values separate many of us

I know that physical barriers of geography, skin color, body deformities, sex and age divide us

And while we can choose to use our five senses to create distinctions I pray we use our hearts to create invisible connections.

For even if you are a man and I’m a woman
if you were Buddhist and I am Catholic
if you were old and I am young
or IF you were an unborn baby and I am a living person

I know that it is our humanity the fact that we are all living human beings – that bonds us as people.

Now that I am seven months pregnant, I can feel the baby move, kick and exude life in my growing belly every day. He was a true person to me the moment I knew him in my womb and will
continue to be until the days I see him grow to be 60, 70, maybe even 80 years old.

I’ve always been a person who vigilantly stands up to what I believe in. Every day, I put into action my freedom of speech. Every year, I exercise my right to vote.  I believe my convictions are the number one reason why I am who I am today.

I believe that we need to protect our most innocent and defenseless humans. Life is not something you abort it’s the greatest gift you have been given. I’m not against the women who have to make these difficult choices; I am for the miraculous baby existing in their womb.

Our human history has been shaped by those who believed in something so much that they fought for it were criticized for it some, have even died for it.

Stating your beliefs exposing who you are is not easy. While living with staunch convictions is the harder way to exist in this  world, it is the easier way to exist in your internal world.

Journal Pictures: January 26, 2010

All bundled up for the Walk for Life in San Francisco this past weekend!

This was Christian at 2 weeks last year at the Walk!
This is life’s greatest blessing!

I put this button on his blanket covering Christian’s stroller while he slept.
When we found out we were having him we were scared…but we chose life.
It wasn’t Christian’s fault he was unplanned or that we were unprepared.
He was an innocent soul – and I can’t imagine my life without him today.

I believe we should protect our most defenseless humans.
God Bless those who struggle every day with this hard decision.

There was so much downpour in the beginning, but
eventually the sun came out!