Soldier of Life: Volume 2

November 19, 2008

November 18, 2008

Check out my 2nd compilation of writings titled, “Soldier of Life: Volume 2”


I am so humbled by all the things that has happened in the years since
I began writing publicly. In the years between 2006-2007 I experienced
many things: I traveled to Missouri, New York, Thailand and Malaysia. I
ended a relationship, moved home to Sacramento and I quit my job.

These years represent one of the greatest growth periods of my life. I
talked candidly about courage, conviction and coming home to yourself.
I admitted to my past addiction to Bulimia and the regrets of loves
lost and difficulties dealing with hard learned life lessons.

This book in particular is very special to me because spiritually I
underwent a huge change. I took a heavy risk to follow my passion. I
made a personal promise to live without regret. I chose the harder
rather easier route in life. I talked with God, I took lone trips and
in those deep, dark and sometimes depressng moments….I rediscovered
more of myself.

I hope anyone who reads this finds a little of themselves…in me. For
everything I write, everything I think and all things I hope, fear and
love: are all parts of the human condition.

We all want to find purpose, understand our past and decode our future.
We all want our lives to progress and actually mean something – even to

Each day we grow…and each day, we have a little less time on this
earth. The only comforting thing I have found in this truth about life:
is the fact that the more we dig deeper, the more we find an ‘eternal
life’ within us…

…a sense of self that existed before we entered this world and will
exist after we exit this world.  We are spiritual beings and are meant
to rediscover the happiness found when we live ‘of this world’ and not
just ‘in this world.’

God Bless,

Maria Kang

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