power of love.

May 6, 2005

May 5, 2005

So it’s been a hard week for me
. My mother had heart problems while she was visiting the east coast…those who know me, knows that I am very close to my mother. I am very protective of her well being and health. Seeing her suffer from health related diseases growing up made me so passionate about seeking the solutions. That’s what love does to you…I am serious.

Another event also happened recently in my life as well… I spent the last few days visiting a a 90 year old man who suffered from heart complications in the hospital…and there by his side was his loyal wife. It was absolutely amazing to see the energy flowing from these two people: two people who really have become one in the course of their 66 years together. Absolutely incredible.

I have seen many people die and suffer from lack of love in their life. I firmly believe that love brings light or energy into living things…without love/light the thing/person would die or weaken. All the things I hold dear to my heart are ‘things’ because I created the ‘thing’ in my heart. I designed it’s beauty in my soul. I gave that ‘thing’ life because I loved it. And because I loved it so much, it became alive. Whether that thing being my favorite teddy bear when I was a child, or my childhood dog, or my best friend, or my career…we all have a power to manifest life in the things we love.

Love changes people. It gives people a desire to live…it creates a hope inside your mind…because it provides you with a feeling of warmth, security and faith.

I strongly feel that our first experience of love really does come from our mother
. This is a person who nurtured and cared for us when we were small babies who were unable to take care of ourselves. I witness this loving action all the time when I see my sister interact with her kids. When I was in the waiting room at the hospital I saw a mother with a disabled young adult who communicated with her son with such loving patience even though he was a bit unruly to onlookers. I am amazed at the patience, understanding and unconditional support mother’s give their kids.

As Mother’s Day approaches, let us give back the energy and love that our mother’s gave to us. We are beings that came from our mother’s womb. We developed because of her love and nourishment. Today I thank God my mother survived her recent battle…. I hope all of you have a Happy Mothers Day.