My Workout Video Evolution.

November 30, 2012

You know when you can listen to a song and know how old you were, who you had a crush on and what grade you were in school?

That’s how I feel about workout videos. I know how old I was based on the video I was obsessed with at the time. I love having workout videos because there’s literally ‘no excuse’ why I can’t pop in a DVD and follow the instructor for 30-60 minutes. I can train with no shoes and my pajamas (as I did this morning) if I wanted to!

This is my workout video evolution:

Elementary School: Gin Miller’s Reebok Step

I didn’t have an actual step, so I piled my parents phonebooks (one day kids will have no idea what a phonebook is) and utilize it as a step when I performed this video. I have no idea how I got the video…I remember performing it often during the summer of my sixth grade year.


Junior High: Cindy Crawford Shape Your Body

Cindy Crawford was THE supermodel at the time, the year was 1992-94 when I attended junior high. Her video was TOUGH and it was my first experience with what I now know to be plyometric exercises.


Highschool: Taebo

Throughout high school and much of college I was obsessed with kickboxing. It was such an intense work out! Billy Blanks was just coming out and he was soooo charismatic! I especially enjoyed his 2 minutes squat holds and butt workouts!


Modern Day: Insanity

I would say I perform Insanity once a month. I usually do this when the weather is bad, when I don’t feel like running or when I want a quick, intense workout. Shawn T. is very motivating and when he screams through the TV screen, it actually makes me work harder! It was incredibly hard when I did it the first few times, I was actually shocked what the “warm-up” entailed. I still wonder how people who have prior injuries, postural issues or general weakness train to Insanity because it’s definitely an intermediate workout.

My future goals is to start performing more ‘mind/balance’ workouts – especially yoga. I have a TON of DVD’s that are given to me each year that I rarely pop open and use. People often ask why I don’t do youtube videos or have DVD’s out and the answer is: while I’ve been a Group Exercise manager, I’m not a big instructor. However, the one class I’ve taught consistently throughout my fitness career is abs class. I still teach abs with my mom-me group every Tuesday. So, I will be coming out with a CORE workout DVD soon.

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