my SUPER team

August 10, 2010

August 9, 2010

Last week I hosted my nonprofit’s fitness summer camp for three days. The kids choreographed and filmed a workout DVD, created fitness calendars and enjoyed special guests who spoke about fitness and nutrition. While I was nervous about executing my first camp, I knew that this experience would be a memorable moment for all the kids involved. It has been an incredibly rewarding year working with students who have built friendships, transformed their bodies and redefined what health means to them.  I feel so grateful to be able to spread my passion and influence children with an abundance amount of resources.

I thank God every day for my resources.

If I didn’t have my family, my employees, my friends or my fiance, I would never be able to do the things I do. On days when I’m managing a summer camp all week, I thank God David is available to watch the kids. When I want to work out at the gym, I am so grateful my parents are home to watch Nicholas. When I am not present most of the time to supervise the care home or attend my nonprofit’s morning program, I am so appreciative that I work with people I trust.

People often ask how I am able to be a superwoman with my work, kids and obligations.

The truth is I’m not a superwoman. I’ve just got a super team.

I can still vividly remember the day I talked to my dad about quitting my corporate job years ago. He was sitting in his loft and working on his computer when I sat next to him and told him I was struggling with my work. I told him about how I detested our new marketing manager, how I wasn’t sure what my role was and how I had lost passion in my daily work. I wasn’t sure if he was listening. After I finished, a long silence anchored the room. He then looked at me and said, Maria, whatever you decide to do, remember that you will always have your family. In that moment I cried because I knew the powerful truth in those words. I left the company the next day and I knew I’d be okay, because I had my family.

There was a time in my life when I didn’t have many friendswhen I didn’t live close to my familywhen I was with someone I didn’t trustand when I didn’t know who would catch me when I fell.

And I fell.

And when I fell, that’s when I felt God catch me.  

I felt love even though I couldn’t see it, touch it or smell it.I just knew it. In that time I knew I was blanketed by an energy field of serenity, love and faith. Whomever I resonated with were the people I allowed into my life. Whomever I diverged with were the people who was deflected from my life.

In this time period I’ve made timeless friendships and recreated a life team that supported the essence of my passion, my life and my work.

 Your energy will only resonate those who share the same vibrational field as yoursand as long as I keep daily gratitude in my heart, I know that my team the team that makes everything in my life today possible will always resonate with me.


Journal Pictures August 10, 2010

Jump roping exercise for their morning workout. It was tough!

I don’t know what I would do with her! Thank you Emily.

Happy 40th Birthday Uncle Eddie!! He had an 80’s themed party!
He was dressed like Miami Vice and I was Flashdance!
I crimped
my hair and even cut my bangs to get ‘in theme’.

LOL! He was so adorable. He’s my little aerobic buddie.
(of course I will blackmail him with this picture when he’s older! haha)

Everyone had a ton of fun. David was so goofy.

yay for the eighties!

I loved his bobble-head doll on top of the cake.

He had over a hundred guests. We had a costume, rubics cube and
dance contest! It was a very fun evening.

My sisters. Angel, Christine and me! Christine is 21 weeks preggers!

I laugh at this picture all the time. David said his goal was
to be “that annoying person in the background who ruins pictures.”
haha. He and Angel’s boyfriend, Dave, did a great job.

My little men, Christian (18 months) and Nicholas (3 months).

Christian had SO much energy. He ran around all night long.
Such a cute little man.