My Happiness List.

May 23, 2007

May 23, 2007

Greetings from New Zealand! I am writing in Wellington tired and exhausted from a long drive from Rotarura and a brisk evening walk downtown with my sister.  I have been admittedly challenged by my family ‘holiday’, but those challenges are nothing a few frantic phone calls to Spence and some personal prayers can’t fix.

In these chaotic, unpredictable days I realized even more that my happiness stems from knowing I am dedicating a portion of time towards personal progress every day.  As long as I:

–          Pray every morning, evening and before meals

–          Move and challenge my  body at least 30-60 minutes/day

–          Drink a lot of water

–          Have clean meals (not too much sugar!)

–          Read, think and generate new ideas on current projects

–          Get online to post daily motivations and maintain relationships via email

If I am able to achieve all of these very simple things – then I know that regardless of the day I am having, I will go to bed each night satisfied and happy.  So simple. Life is much simpler when you start realizing all the simple things that bring you happiness.

So Simple.

The best way to live is to live minimally.  When you don’t have the urge to need, the desire to want, and the covet for objects displaying wealth…then you start to become free. Freedom is not a given, it is a conscious choice.

While on the treadmill the other morning, I borrowed my sister’s fashion magazine, and started desiring expensive and more fashionable clothes. It was a deep rooted desire that I had never felt before.  Most media marketing targets people’s insecurities.  They are tailored to make you feel uncomfortable, unsatisfied and imperfect.  When you start becoming trapped by forces of desire – you start losing your freedom to be conscious of a life chosen by personal will.

It’s difficult to not be tempted when you exist in a world where everyone seems so drawn to the dark energy of pride, ego, insecurity – it is rare when you meet people who don’t live ‘in the flesh’ but instead, they live ‘in the spirit’.  Living in the Spirit means true freedom.  When you are able to not judge those regardless of physical beauty or belongings, when you are able to discipline earthly desires for objects satisfying the ego….when you are able to be happy when all is sad, be positive when all is negative, be free when all is imprisoned…then you are housing a powerful and eternal spirit.

I came back to my spirit this past week.  I silenced a mind that was loud with insecurity.

Quite simply, I don’t need more stuff, I don’t need more clothes…I need more freedom to be me. Being who you are is what brings real happiness.

Each day is a battle to find that solace…but as I put that magazine down and wore my favorite workout shoes and ten dollar t-shirt, I started feeling like I’m starting to win.

Thanks for reading.


Journal Pictures: May 23

Me and my sista in Auckland, New Zealand!

On a lone trek to University of Auckland the other morning!!

On the bus with my daddy in Auckland.

My sister and I horsing around at Waitamo Caves!

I love, love, love my mother!!!!!!!!

About to go on a long ride down the mountain!


It stunk so bad in Rotarura from the geysers and hot springs! The sulfur smelt like rotten egg! pee – u!