Mommy Fitness Blog: the ‘inbetween’ stage!

May 19, 2010

It’s been one month now since I delivered Nicholas. I can’t believe it’s been that long! While I would like to say ‘it feels like yesterday’ when I had him…that’s not true. I feel like it’s been a month or more as I have been busy with life since then!

I have dropped a considerable amount of weight. I’m not dieting very much…I’m actually in the same mindset as I was when I was pregnant. If I want it, I’ll eat it. If it’s not that healthy, I won’t eat a lot of it ! It’s Wednesday morning here in Sacramento and I just finished my standard breakfast now. I’ve been eating oatmeal and drinking a protein shake every day! I used to have waffles and a protein shake, but I ran out of waffles and read that eating oatmeal helps your milk supply. (as I am nursing) For lunch I usually have a chicken breast sandwich with veggie chips and for dinner (which I try to eat early) is usually some type of protein with carb…I try to get some vegetables in at that time too.

Even though I don’t do any ‘real’ exercises, I do feel sore every day when I wake up! Carrying Christian, lugging around groceries, cleaning the house, nursing, etc. definitely takes its toll. I plan to make June 1st to be my first real workout day! That will be almost exactly 6 weeks since I gave birth. For right now I’m going to start lifting Christian all different ways to get my  body somewhat ready for heading back to the gym. That boy is a workout! I know that my shoulders and biceps get a good workout just lifting him!  He’s around 28lbs. Everyone calls him tank – and he is one! He’s always been a solid baby ever since he was little. (solid meaning not fat)

I can’t wait to get down to a size I am comfortable with though…to be completely honest, I get depressed whenever I have to get ready because there is only so much clothes I can fit (as I am in the inbetween stage). I don’t fit maternity clothes and I don’t fit my pre-pregnancy clothes…and I do not want to go out and buy any new clothes at this size! I think I will wear workout clothes until I lose all the baby weight (which should be in a couple months) I plan on going shopping today for a nice outfit for this weekend (as I am hosting a large awards dinner for my nonprofit) and will also get workout clothes while I’m out also.

My goals for this week:

1) Continue eating a little better

2) Eat dinner around 5/6pm

3) Drink more water

Playing with my sons in the backyard!

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