Human Connection

May 17, 2005

May 16, 2005

I just ran “Bay to Breakers” with Minji and Betty and it was so much fun! I can’t believe how many naked men I saw. It was absolutely crazy. What I loved most about the event was the feeling of “community” I had in being a resident of the diverse city of San Francisco….I think in America we lack that the most: the feeling of being connected somehow to our neighbors- or to strangers…

I remember when Sept 11 occurred
– and I knew that every person I saw knew exactly what I was feeling: fear, sadness, shock and anger. I was one of the many who taped an American Flag to her car antenna. For the first time in my life I felt an intense American pride and a connection to every individual I walked by.

When you begin to find the basic human connection that binds people…you start feeling like your part of a bigger process…you stop feeling alone. I know that every person I meet just wants to be happy…feel important somehow…mean something – to anything….

I know that every person wants to have their life make sense. And I feel honored whenever someone chooses me to be part of their life…to help provide meaning and a contribution to their existence. I was honored to be part of the “Bay to Breakers” race- I was honored to share time with my friends. I am honored right now that you guys are reading this journal entry.

I think it’s so important to find the tie that binds versus the tie that divides people…we are all part of the same human family and we all share the same struggles and pains of this life.

When we begin seeking the thread that connects us versus what separates us…..only then will we truly begin to love.