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February 13, 2013

February 12, 2013

I started my fitness career as a part-time personal trainer in college. After college I became a membership sales counselor then a fitness manager and a group exercise director. After working for a high-end, independently owned fitness club, at 23, I decided I wanted to work for an international company (utilizing my degree from UC Davis) and get hired personally by the CEO, because my relationship with the owner was important to me. At that period in my life I had so much passion, ambition and drive. I knew anyone would benefit in me building their company based on my belief that fitness changes lives. SO I made photocopies of anything written about me. I wrote a great resume an audacious cover letter and sent my portfolio out to the biggest names of the biggest companies at that time.

I interviewed with several companies and even flew to Boston to interview with Cybex International, but I couldn’t find a fit anywhere. It wasn’t until I received a follow up call from the Founder and Former CEO of 24 Hour Fitness, Mark Mastrov, to meet for lunch where he hired me to join his corporate team as a project coordinator for his newest venture of circuit training gyms.

After working with 24 hour fitness I moved back home to Sacramento where I started a fitness nonprofit called, Fitness without Borders. We’ve received several grants and donations that have helped us launch before and after school programs for kids in Sacramento. This past weekend we started our 2013 Family Transformation program. This year we have it at two locations: the Fruitridge Community Center in Sacramento and NorCal Fitness in Elk Grove. In driving to these events on Sunday I thought about how fortunate I was to work with people who are truly THE best trainers I know in the Sacramento Community.

College Instructor and Fitness Trainer, Hilary Herndon, is leading the camp at Fruitridge. We met 13 years ago in the same gym as bright-eyed and bushy-tailed personal trainers. As a former track athlete, she has the experience, charisma, talent and tact to lead a group of people to greatness. As I watched her instruct men, women and children, I felt the program become alive through her passion.

When I left Fruitridge, I drove to NorCal Fitness in Elk Grove where I listened to Kendrick Daniels talk about nutrition. I’ve known him for years, first as a gym observer of his talents in uniquely training his clients. Secondly as a husband to his beautiful wife and favorite kickboxing instuctor, Charil, who lost over 60 pounds. Thirdly as a father of three young children who is dedicated to helping change the course of childhood obesity in our country.

I love that.

I love being in a group of people who are passionate about fitness, about achieving…about living. I love working out with my mom-me fitness group. I love talking about helping people through fitness with my nonprofit team.  I love communicating about making physical strides with people on my Facebook page. You feel so positive when you’re around positive people who focus on progression and possibilities versus problems and pessimism.

People say they feel inspired by me – and yet, I feel so inspired by others. This ‘energy’ we are feeding from each other is a ‘giving’ energy – and energy rooted in love, passion and purpose.

When you surround yourself with a loving energy, like a plant you will grow.

My first year as a trainer at 20 years old. This is when 24 Hour Fitness
dressed us like “Barney” (as we used to say as trainers!)

Bootcamp at Fruitridge.

Hiking with my boys this past weekend.

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