Existing for 28 years.

November 26, 2008

November 25, 2008

As I type, I am in a hotel at the Redwood National Park,  semi-alert from fatigue after visiting Crater Lake in Oregon and other
surrounding hiking areas. It was a nice break from Sacramento as it has been very busy for us these last few months; from our FWB programs, article deadlines, doctor’s appointments, family engagements, professional responsibilities and holiday and baby preparations.

When David asked what I wanted for my birthday coming up on Wednesday, I told him I wanted to travel just as we did last year.
When we drove all day, exhausted our eyes and legs, then fell into deep slumber after checking our emails and taking a hot shower. I feel so
content walking up a dirt path and listening to the water break from the rocks streaming down a river. I love looking at a desolate mountain
side and seeing nothing but birds, fields and an open terrain. I have an intense love for life. In my years of traveling, exploring and journeying to close and distant lands, it still amazes me how much we are all part of a greater whole and connected by a deeper dimension. Our
lives isn’t ours alone…it is created, directed and generated by the
people who love us, the people we serve and the lives we influence.

This year, while I’m often very pensive when my birthday rolls around this year, I’m much more at peace with where my life is today.
This intense peace stems from a tumultuous and emotional year that created a lot of influx in my mind and spirit. In those tough moments I
took career risks, sacrificed a piece of myself and discontinued a personal world lived by my ego alone. Like everyone’s life, after a
great storm, a calm climate emerges and a majestic rainbow appears.

That is what I feel today. For most of my life I questioned purpose and passion. I sought truth and testaments. I grieved about death and decisions. Yet today I know more fully, through my now 28 years lived, the meaning of my existence and why I choose to live freely and feverishly with zeal, passion and conviction.

I exist because like all living things…we were created for a divine and distinct purpose.

I exist because like all God’s creatures…we were made to manifest the glory of his greatness.

And today….I know,

I exist because of this being, which has lived in me these past eight months.

I exist for him and for all the people I love and serve each day of my life.

God Bless and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Journal Pictures: November 26, 2008

Oregon trip 2008

What? Closed?! not for us!

The beautiful Crater Lake. It’s the deepest lake in the U.S.
Deep Blue and Amazing.

I’m such a great photographer

8 months pregnant and still hiking.

Riding a bear statue at the side of the highway. LOL!

Redwood National Park! The trees were amazingly beautiful.

Blurry Belly Shot! To show our baby boy he was here with us too!

David found this cool walking stick…I didn’t know what he was going to do with it.

He worked on it all lastnight while I was sleeping.

He shaved down the wood and carved our names including Christian’s!
This was my favorite gift EVER.

On Friday we had a meeting with our reception hall coordinator for our wedding next year.
We love it! It was once a Masonic Lodge and is so ornate, artistic and historic.

Afterwards we walked downtown and dropped into the Cathedral we will be marrying in.
(It’s also the church David proposed in) We were so happy to witness a priest ordination ceremony.

My beautiful birthday cake from Uncle Eddie and Aunt Christine. It’s my favorite color!

28 years young!

Thanks Minji! We just put this jogger stroller together in prep for baby Christian!

42 days left! OMG. That is crazy…. we have everything but the baby.!

Waiting to become a mommy….