35 memories of my first pregnancy

December 18, 2008

December 18, 2008

20 days to go.  While lying in bed  earlier today I began rubbing my belly realizing that any day now, Christian will be arriving. While a part of me feels saddened when that day arrives, a part of me naturally feels anxious to hold, kiss and hug him. Nothing can explain how it feels like to have a live, human being existing inside of you. It’s an experience I’ve longed for  my entire life an initiation into womanhood that unites all females under one truth that: nothing can explain the connection created in the bonding of a woman and the child growing within her. Humanity as we know it, is alive because every person has been born from women.

Life has been slow but fast for me. I keep waiting for signs of imminent labor but alas nothing.
I still have lots of energy, I don’t feel incredibly heavy, I sleep through the night and the last month of fatigue and wanting it OUT’ has not hit me.  One thing that has bothered me particularly today is a frustrating cold coupled with unprompted, two-second headaches. However, it didn’t stop me from going on a long walk outside with Tiger today, but I’m certainly feeling my body’s soreness now.

Here are 35 things I will remember with my first pregnancy:

1.       Looking speechless into David’s eyes when we first found out.
2.       Being in denial for weeks after testing positive for pregnancy.
3.       Looking at my flat abs during the first couple months in shock that there was something almost invisible growing inside of me.
4.       Seeing the reactions of my sisters and friends in shock and excitement
5.       Getting scared, anxious and emotionally unstable around 5-6 months pregnant.
6.       Feeling the baby flutter in my belly for the first time at 20 weeks.
7.       Looking fat and not pregnant for months before I finally popped.
8.     Being fearful I wouldn’t fit in my bridesmaid gown for my sister’s wedding after having to re-size it a couple times before it finally fit
9.       Riding an elephant in India while 6 months pregnant.
10.   Feeling the extra blood flow through me and having physical limitations when attending kickboxing and dancing classes.
11.   Not being able to efficiently paint my toe nails.
12.  Watching David go mad when I’m around fumes (especially nail polish!)
13.  Being a lazy cook often saying: I’d rather eat cereal all day than cook. LOL
14.   Getting 2nd degree burns and wearing bandages during my baby shower.
15.   Falling asleep in my dress after the baby shower, and waking up the next day seeing all the clothes put away and toys put together. (David surprised me!)
16.Experiencing a Braxton Hicks Contraction for the first time. Whew! Those are crazy surprising.
17.   Feeling the baby shift and move every time I changed my bandages  (because he can feel my pain too!)
18.   Eating all my favorite foods without guilt BUT in moderation.
19.  Attending my doctor’s appointments and praying for minimal weight gain.
20.   Not being able to enjoy a nice glass of red wine at dinner.
21.   Taping the baby REALLY move for the first time.
22.   Agreeing to name him Christian while waiting in-between flights at a chapel in the Houston airport.
23.   Having TERRIBLE fatigue during my first trimester.
24.   Looking for weekend garage sales selling baby stuff.
25.   Putting together the baby’s room and finding the perfect nursery rhyme furniture.
26.  Watching David wash and fold the baby’s clothes.
27.Sleeping comfortably in my big, u-shaped, pregnancy pillow. It’s so awesome!
28.   Rolling out of bed literally!
29.   Making a Bun in the Oven costume for Halloween.
30.   Attending my high school reunion 8 months pregnant.
31.   Feeling like I can’t breathe when I’m not elevated or lying on my side.
32.   Wearing flat shoes ALL the time. (hey, I haven’t experienced swollen ankles or varicose veins
33.   Hiking with a big belly in Oregon during my 28th birthday.
34.   Wearing a sports bra for support ALL the time.
35.   Having my niece hug my belly and say Christian! in the cutest voice every time I see her.

The biggest thing I’m going to miss while pregnant is the solo time experienced between me and David. In a few short weeks, the time we’ve spent together as a couple will be past memory. Together we will have a child, essentially building a family and who we were: Just David and Maria will no
longer be. I’m going to miss who we were then I’m going to miss in
essence, who we are today

But nothing is constant but change it is that truth and my faith that allows me to KNOW that  David and I will grow stronger because of these miraculous changes.

God Bless.

Journal Pictures: December 16, 2008

We had a Food Faire at Valley High School on Friday with the C.O.R.E. club.
We ironically sold ice cream with toppings and we were a hit!
Our motto: “You can eat as you long as you Exercise!”

David and I pretended we were high school students. LOL!

Steph is modeling our new shirts!

My good girlfriend, Betty Hsu just got engaged with her boyfriend, Aristotle.
I went to Cupertino on Saturday to celebrate their engagement!
Their cookies read: “Bettysotle” Very cute!

She’s a former Miss Chinatown USA. We met while studying in China 6 years ago!

Later that evening we had a Christmas party.
Santa and I both have big belly’s!

David is being a dork! (He’s pretending to steal presents from Santa


Can you see David? He’s pretending to be one of the statues. LOL

There he is again.

I’m mailing ALL those Christmas cards tomorrow.

Every time I thought I was done, I had to buy more card boxes!

Every year, I bake over 12 dozen toffee Christmas cookies.
Tonight, David helped me with the cookie operation AND he’s sportin our C.O.R.E. shirt!

My surprise for him. He did the dishes for me