we grow. we ripe. we rot.

June 1, 2006

May 31, 2006

I spent the past weekend in the East Coast celebrating the wedding of Haylee and Sean Queller’s marital union. It was a beautiful wedding, possibly the most fun I have ever attended simply because they had such a strong family bond and relationship understanding.

Lately I’ve also been very busy reading books and journals, watching movies and documentaries, observing different cultures, business practices and families and just absorbing every facet life has to offer.it has made it very difficult for me to expel this intake of experiences in the form of anything creative: including writing.

Just like our seasons, our bodies go through stages in which we grow, we ripe then we wither againif you notice in your past history, or look at mine if you had forgotten yoursthere are times when I compete a lot, travel a lot, write a lotand then there are times when I’m hibernating: sleeping, reading, resting and recuperating.

Right now I’m at that stage where if you put anything in front of me, I’m impulse to read it. If there is a place I am interested in visiting, I visit it. If there is a language I want to learn, a person I want to knowI somehow figure out how to get it, do it, become it

We are all working within the timeframe of our own personal, biological clock. We can measure these moments of birth and death in hours, in days, in weeks, in months, in yearsthe key is to expand your lifeline and your ability to make impact-full differences in your future by breaking down each big and small moment into significant moments in time: a time when you either grow, ripe, or rot.>>

In the midst of this desire to not want to write, not want to make, create or even bake anythingI disciplined myself to do this small act of writing each week so that there is a forced routine even though I feel controlled to ‘give in’ to my natural cycle to not want to writeI still did. Understanding the natural forces that control you and understanding the inner force that controls all matteris what will help you develop a personal patience and discipline within thyself.

In these quiet moments when the world as I usually know it calms down and the storm settles to a deep silenceI know that re-discovering my vessel again helps me regain a sense of purpose and strength. Stopping your life doesn’t mean that the world starts to consume youin fact, by stopping, you start consuming it and discontinue being the bait of a hungry, mean and unforgiving world.

By stopping you realize that you are in power…that you were always in powerand that if you stopped and realized the circle of strength found within your inner, unmoving life, you can create waves without physically moving at all.

Sean and Haylee’s wedding!


I love American History.