Waiting for preparation to meet opportunity.

January 30, 2007

January 29, 2007

I am absolutely, positively, undoubtedly blank right now. I feel like I have nothing to share – nothing to expel – nothing to writebecause there is so much happening: with my emotional state, present focus and newfound internal identity.

I am so focused right now that it would honestly be hard for anything outside of my short term ambitions to present itself and be noticed. I’ve reflected old journals, revised current goals and renewed personal promises to myself

In this new self arrangement – we can refine more intricately, our ‘religious’ daily routinesfor there are patterns we perform from the moment we wake to the second we fall asleep. We live the majority of our lives in ‘auto-drive’ – so it’s important to reprogram your navigation when choosing to go down a new, different or more challenging life road.

I’ve practiced the same actions since childhood…but realize that most people don’t ‘see’ the journey, they only witness when I ‘arrive’ to my destination. In all our lives, observers will only see the ‘end’ result or the ‘trophies’ and symbols acquired when our “daily preparations met with the correct opportunities”.

In an effort to allow you and myself to see the intangible things you or I will never see, I wanted to document some of my daily acts that I’ve been redefining and renewing since I was a little girl.

      My 1st thought when I wake is “Gratitude”. Every day when I first awake, I pray. It isn’t a huge event in which I kneel and meditate for 10 minutes – right now I lie in bed, clasp my hands and pray a simple ‘thank you’ for this new day, for friends whom are struggling and for strength as I move through my daily intentions.

I prioritize my greatest instrument in life. I work out most mornings because my energy is elevated for the rest of the day. Not only am I able to focus on myself first, but I’m also able to re-focus towards other goals after I know I got the biggest priority, which is my health, out of my way.

      When I’m involved in any action – I make it a point to be ‘present’. Being present means being totally focused in the action until you are in a ‘flow-like’ state. I have a lot of priorities in a single day, but my ability to focus entirely on the action at hand has allowed me to measure my success by the quality of time focused on the completion of goals vs. quantity of time needed to finish goal lists.

      I dream ahead then work backwards. I set personal, physical and professional goals every week. I take the big, fat, audacious, long term goal and break it down into years, months, weeks, days, and hourseven down to the minute. Each moment is an opportunity to progress towards a long term goal. 

I see life like an excel sheet – in which you see correlations, variables and patterns. Not only do I document all aspects of my journey, but more importantly, I retract and read my personal history. In order to know where you are going, you have to know where you’ve been. Each one of us creates a pattern after series of documentations – it is so important to find your pattern to see what shape you’re forming and what shape you consciously want to elevate towards.

There are a lot more things acted upon daily – but I don’t have time nor the reader’s attention span (I am assuming) to list them all. I wanted to note the daily practices above because it would be dis-servicing anyone who I advised if I didn’t tell them that prayer, appreciation, prioritizing, planning and being ‘present’ wasn’t part of my personal formula.

While we are able to ‘perform’ on single days that symbolize the success of our life careers – in truth, it was all the habits, practices, and preparations we constantly acted upon years beforehand that catapulted the ‘moment in time’ when we revealed what we had been doing all along.

So if you are awake any weekday at 6am – know that a young woman is saying a morning prayer in Californiaand praying for all of you to not only have constant gratitude of the blessings in your life, but to also find strength, discipline, focus and desire to manifest the passionate spirit that exists within all of you. Goodnight! I need to make my bedtime!!

Journal Pictures: January 29, 2007

I was surprised and grateful to have fitnesscure.com recognized in Oxygen Magazine! Especially after my internal struggle in my journal, “the birth of passion” in trying to recover that site!

It is blurry but it says: With the kooky tagline A cure for the common couch potato,’ Fitness Cure.com is a fun and friendly blog. A former beauty and fitness competitor, 25 year old Maria Kang gives her two cents on health and fitness issues. She deftly straddles two worlds often wrtiting about both celebrity fitness and true fitness a.k.a. competition coverage. Which world will she ultimately focus on? We’ll just have to wait and see. –Oxygen Magazine, issue 91, pg.40

I volunteered to babysit the kids, so I took them to Funderland on Saturday. Danielle had her first pony ride and Tahjai loved the carousel!!

Low Carb/ Low Fat Cheesecake made out of nonfat Cottage Cheese!
Thank you Tracy for the recipe!

For those of you who live in the San Jose, Vallejo, Stockton, Elk Grove and Sacramento cities – I have a monthly fitness column in the Philippine Fiesta!

In February’s Issue you can read my article: “10 Exercise Commandments” ou can read my article: “10 Exercise Commandments”