The “perfect” plan

November 10, 2010

November 9, 2010

I woke up at 5am today after a 4-hour night’s rest. While I wanted to begin my daily routine by heading to the gym, I found Christian in bed sick from what appears to be the stomach flu. So I cuddled and coddled him all morning, while changing his diaper four times in the last two hours. Poor baby. While I was looking forward to detoxing my body at the gym after a long weekend, I realized that life brings unexpected things. Understanding this important concept is definitely what brought me here to this point in time.

This past weekend we celebrated my Bachelorette slumber party and Bridal Shower. I also attended a fitness show and night out with the girls Round 2 in-between these festivities. It was a long, anticipated weekend that gave me more appreciation for my friends, my family and the man I will soon be marrying. I never imagined experiencing these celebrated times because as most know, I’ve never been too much of a wedding person. Not only am I not your typical bride, but what makes me more atypical is cohabitating with my soon-to-be-husband with two kids in tow. As I reflect on my childhood dreams, I always thought I would naturally get married, buy a house, and then have kids. After all, that’s what every good plan is made of: a well, thought-out, ideal setting for a more perfect result.

 When we first discovered we were pregnant with Christian, it definitely put a damper on my future plans. I would honestly say I was depressed for most of our unplanned pregnancy. Not only did I lack control, but I feared that I wouldn’t experience the blissful emotions and exciting celebrations one usually feels when they are engaged to be married. However, after deep prayer and reflections, I eventually let go of that desire.  That experience helped me let go of most of my desires and allowed me to begin flowing with my life’s course.

Our beautiful son was born last year in January, followed by another amazing little man in April of this year.  As a team, David and I worked together to create a future for our family and the life we both desired when we initially started dreaming of our union together. While the order of our life’s plans were disorganized, our love for each other, our commitment to our family and our faith in our future never failed.  Knowing these truths is what motivates me to give more, sacrifice more, and BE more for him.

Our separate lives with its twists and turns brought us to the right here – right now.  I am experiencing everything I dreamt and more in this engagement process. I am feeling more emotions than I ever thought I would for my future husband.

This moment was unexpected but it’s perfect.

Journal Pictures November 9 2010

After some convincing, I agreed to have a Bachelorette “slumber” party.
Thanks for setting up girls! This was Friday night.

Check out the set up! The food was dee-lish.


Dinner at the Steakhouse.

“Future Trophy Wife”

Fun times! They knew I hated all the traditional Bachelorette stuff but
they insisted on putting all that “private” stuff everywhere.

Dancing it up with my Maid of Honor

I gave everyone a treat this weekend as I hardly EVER drink.

Thank you to Steph, Andrea, Borina, Emily and Kim for making my slumber party!

Pajama time! Opening gifts…I can’t post anything else from that night here! LOL

Saturday night at the NPC Bodybuilding show with my wonderful girl Tanji Johnson.

I haven’t seen Ray in forever! Great show, fun times with my fitness peeps.

Bachelorette Party Continued! Out and about at “The Park Ultra Lounge”

Fun cell phone shot of me and my bridesmaids!

Welcome! and NO, I’m not that bad. really.

White chocolate covered Red Velvet Balls. Yum.

Food was awesome – as usual.

Another sash, another hat – another day closer to the wedding!!

“Meant to Bee”

Toilet paper brides!

Thanks mom for hosting…

…and Thank you Borina for being the BEST Maid of Honor ever.